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Online Shopping: Who Ships to APO/FPO Addresses? (Part of the Christmas Spectacular Blog Hop)

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Today is the second day of the Christmas Spectacular Blog Hop hosted by Toni of One Chocolate Box. Today’s topic is “anything related to Christmas shopping”. I do most of my shopping, Christmas and otherwise, online. No lines. No crowds. No being out in the cold. It’s easy to price compare. I don’t have to worry about the exchange rate. And I can Google search for coupon codes. [Try never to forget that step. I recently found a code for 30% off women’s shoes at Skechers and used it for multiple pairs.]

Unfortunately it can be hard to find places that ship to APO/FPO (Army Post Office/Fleet Post Office) boxes. Some won’t, some charge more, and some only send certain items. After some people reached my blog looking for places that ship to APO/FPO (hereafter mostly just referred to as APO) addresses, I started a list of places that do. Given today’s blog hop prompt and the fact the holidays are approaching, I thought now would be a good time to post it to help those who are stationed overseas or who are buying gifts for those who are, through the holidays and beyond. [Heads up: holiday mail to most APO locations needs to be shipped by Dec 10 (first class and priority). Check here and scroll down to Holiday Dates for Military Mail for more info.]

So here is my list of businesses I have used so far that ship to APO addresses along with some information on each. They’re in alphabetical order so it’ll be easy to tell if one you’re looking for is on the list, and the title will link to the store. I make no claims as to the accuracy of this information and may not keep this list updated, so make sure to check with individual stores before placing an order as their policies may have changed.

Action Figure Therapy

If you’re not familiar with Action Figure Therapy, they put out a series of action figures in therapy sessions, talking about military life and other randomness. The voice actors aren’t in the military, but they’re pretty big supporters. Not only do they ship merchandise to APO boxes, but at one point they included discs of all their videos and candy free for anyone ordering from an APO/FPO address.

I use this site a lot for books and movies. You can order directly from Amazon or in the marketplace (where you can get new and used items from third part sellers). Most items can be shipped to APO boxes, but sometimes electronics and large items can’t be shipped. Items that can’t be shipped usually show “We are not able to ship this item to your default shipping address” but if you accidentally put an ineligible item in the cart, you’ll get an error message there too once you put in an APO address. [Note: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.]

This was the June BarkBox opened in July.

Opening June’s BarkBox in July. Oh boy!

If you’ve got dogs who like toys and treats (and what dog doesn’t?), you might like BarkBox. About 20 bucks a month (depending on your subscription length) gets your dogs 4-6 toys, hygiene products and/or treats (many of which are organic, which I think is nice). They also donate 10% of their proceeds to dogs in need. [If you use the link above, you get $5 off your first subscription, and my dogs get a free box.] I’ve had a subscription for several months and my dogs LOVE it. One of these days I may need to do a post about BarkBox day. They do take awhile to ship to APO addresses, and since they get sent out mid-month, we usually end up receiving the one for the month prior around the time the new one is going out.

It’s up to the individual seller here if they want to ship to APO boxes, but most don’t seem to have a problem with it. If they say they ship to America and don’t specify, I generally order and just let them know they’ll be filling out a customs form, but everything else is the same as regular USPS mail. There are a few sellers who don’t ship to APO/FPO and usually have that fact listed under ‘shipping’ or in the description. Most of the time I just figure ‘their loss’ and move on to another seller, although I did write a message (which was not replied to) to a girl who had ‘support the troops’ and yellow ribbons all over her seller page and then did not ship to APO/FPO.

Essential Apparel
I ordered some workout clothes for my husband from here.

Games Workshop
My husband has bought from here a few times. They’ll ship to APO addresses, but you can’t use the express and priority options.

Guitar Center
I ordered a hard case from my guitar from here. Even with the size of it, shipping to an APO address wasn’t a problem.

I use this site a lot for books and sometimes movies. I haven’t run into any sellers yet who say they don’t ship to APO/FPO. They use media mail though which takes awhile to begin with, so it takes a looong time to arrive to APO, as a rule. Some sellers do offer expedited shipping.

Heart Rate Watch Company
My husband wanted a GPS watch for Christmas last year, and this was the most affordable place I found to get one. Not only did they ship free to APO, but they offer a 10% military discount which saved me an extra $40. I emailed telling them I was buying a gift for my husband who is active duty, and they were happy to give me the code. I don’t see their email on their page now, but I saw an ad saying to call for the discount (866-586-7129).


.40 S&W Post Earrings

Lethal Love Birds
This is an Etsy shop specializing in making jewelry and accessories out of bullet casings. It was hard to get a good pic of the earrings I ordered, which I did as I wasn’t sure if I had received the right color (I ordered teal and they look more light blue, but they’re still pretty). The shop owner offered to exchange them, but sending them back would be a pain for me so I said I’d just keep them and ask for a deeper shade if I ordered another pair later. She said not to hassle with it and she’d just send me another pair, which I thought was pretty nice of her. She recently opened a website called Bullets into Jewelry as well. APO/FPO shipping isn’t mentioned there, but I can’t imagine the policy would be any different than through the Esty shop. Also, if you are active duty you can get a free 50 BMG Pin by sending a request via the contact form.

Little Black Bag
This is a store run through a FB app that a friend invited me to. At least at the time I signed up, you had to do a free VIP membership and if you don’t buy a bag or skip it by the 5th they charge about $10, which you can put toward a bag for that month or in the future. (I have skipped almost every month without a problem). They charge almost $12 to ship to APO/FPO though, which is double what they charge Stateside, so keep that in mind if you just want something small.

Moon’s Harvest Bath & Body Shop
It initially looked like shipping to APO/FPO wasn’t an option at this store since they only listed was UPS. But when I inquired, they said they will ship to APO/FPO. Just compete the order like normal and they’ll mail it via USPS when they see the APO address. (All shipping is $9.50 regardless). I order from this store a lot. Their bubble bars are a good price and I can get a few uses out of them.They also usually have free gifts for orders of $50 or more. My favorite product so far is this one.

Okay this is one I haven’t ordered from since moving over here. I did try to order curtains only to discover that I couldn’t get them sent to APO. This made no sense since I saw that they did offer shipping to APO/FPO and they’re not a heavy item. I asked about it, and they said that they have 250 warehouses, each with their own shipping contracts. Some haven’t arranged for APO/FPO delivery and some carrier companies have limitations or higher rates to include APO/FPO shipping in the contract.

I didn’t have a problem ordering a small dog bed and a crate mat, but there was a larger dog bed that it said I could not ship to APO.

6 Dollar ShirtsThis site sells what it sounds like, shirts for six dollars. Specifically they are silk-screened t-shirts. I bought a bunch using the 10 T-shirt for 50 dollar deal, which is still going on. With the shipping, it still ended up at less than $10 a shirt. They also have a Tee Time deal where you can get the shirt of the day for $6 plus only $2 for US shipping, which remember an APO box is, or $2 off international shipping. [Note: I am part of 6 Dollar Shirt’s affiliate program, so I do make a commission on sales.]

Not only does Skecher’s ship to APO addresses, if you are part of their free Skecher’s Elite program, they ship for free, and you earn points toward gift certificates. I love this brand, and have over half a dozen pairs of shoes from there. [Note: I am a part of Skechers’ affiliate program, so I do make a commission on sales.]

Stuff 4 Knitting/Stuff 4 Painting
I have used both of these Stuff 4 sites to buy supplies far cheaper than I was seeing elsewhere. In addition to those two, they have Stuff 4’s for scrapbooking, crafts,sewing, and cross stitch. If you go to one of them you can see tabs for the rest.

My copy of Insanity

Team Beachbody
I have ordered workout programs for myself to my APO box without a problem. I’ve tried Insanity, P90X, Turbofire, and Les Mills Combat. I’m currently doing Asylum. I’ve written about doing Insanity here and will be writing about Les Mills Combat, Turbofire, and Asylum soon. [Note: I am a Beachbody coach, so if you use that link, I do receive a commission on sales.]

The Tea Table
I tried to order tea at one point from Think Geek (see below) to go with a strainer and mug I had bought my husband for his birthday. Then it turned out that I couldn’t get tea shipped outside the US. That turned out to be okay because I did a little search and found this shop which not only will ship tea to APO but allowed me to pick three free samples with my order.

Think Geek
Most items ship to APO addresses. So far most of the products I can’t get are food related, although there are apparently a few non-food items that can’t be shipped due to licensing restrictions against sales outside the US. Items that can’t be shipped to APO/FPO are labeled “Shipping restrictions: We cannot ship this item outside of the U.S.” Depending on how much you buy, the shipping rate might be more or less than normal. I think it’s always been about $9, which seems like a lot for a small order, but my last order showed shipping would have been about $16 before I put in the APO address, so in that case I saved money. APO addresses also aren’t eligible for their free shipping offers when they come up. But, they’ve always been good about shipping pretty quickly. This is pretty much my go-to site for Christmas & birthday shopping for my husband.

Victorias Secret
I’ve had items shipped to my APO box a few times. They also end up sending adverts quite a bit afterward which I find kind of annoying, but they ship pretty quickly.

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