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Christmas Traditions (Part of the Christmas Spectacular Blog Hop)

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Today is the 5th day of Toni’s Christmas Spectacular Blog Hop for which the prompt is Christmas traditions. Today I’ll tell you about a few that I remember growing up with. One thing is that on Christmas morning we would open up presents at home and then go over to Grandma & Grandpa P’s for Christmas brunch with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Grandma P made a huge spread of food. I can’t even remember everything, but I think there was macaroni and cheese (or was it cheesy potatoes…or maybe there was both), ham, Waldorf salad, punch made of Sprite and Hawaiian punch…I feel like I should remember more, but maybe if family members read this, they can add to it. I just know there was a LOT of food.

[Edit: Mom says that it was cheesy potatoes, sweet and sour cabbage, kielbasa, a cheese ball, and a cheese tray. My aunt adds that there was an egg/sausage/cheese bake and lots of cookies and breads. Later, mom reminded me one of the cookies types was snickerdoodles and that there were santa mugs for the punch, and my aunt said that there was rainbow sherbet in the punch and that when the grandkids were younger, Grandma played Christmas music if Grandpa didn’t have the TV on.]  

We’d eat and then sort out the presents and open them . We also emptied our stockings, which lined the stairs. Of course as I mentioned before, at least while Grandpa was alive, there were also “ho ho ho’s” everywhere (I think that’s what we called them anyhow) so you couldn’t even really walk around without hearing a Christmas themed piece talk or play music.

polar express
Another thing I remember is my mom reading The Polar Express. I don’t remember what year she started doing it, but she would read it every year  on Christmas Eve and always got teary eyed at the end (SPOILER ALERT: where he talks about how the bell stopped ringing for everyone he knew.) I remember she also read it to us when the family came to visit over Christmas the year I moved down to Florida. I’ll tell you more about that Christmas for one of the upcoming prompts.

Although I haven’t used it lately, I came across a cookie plate I have that references the Polar Express while I was digging through decorations the other day. It has a bell on it that says “Believe” below it. I also have my own copy of the The Polar Express and tried to read it for the kids at the daycare last year. I had some of the little jingle bells usually used for music time so I could ring them when the bell was mentioned…Bad idea because the kids just wanted to grab the bells instead of listening to the story. Oh well I tried.

IMG_3322A tradition my mom started that is just hers and mine is buying me snow globes at Christmas, which she started in 1991. When I moved to Florida, I only took what could fit in my car, so most of them are still at my parents’ house. Now that we’ve moved three times in the last couple years and so many things have gotten broken, that is probably for the best. I do have one of them with me, which I’m surprised has made it through all the moves (knock on wood). Of course it’s one without a date, but I am pretty sure it was the one she brought to Florida in 2008. Like many of them, it has a winder on it that you wind and let go to play music. This one plays Jingle Bells and kicks up some of the snow.

Below you can see my collection which mom took a picture of for me the other day. There are some other random snow globes up there that aren’t part of the Christmas tradition and a few other things. I am pretty sure that little girl with the tree on the bottom shelf was one of the things that came from Grandpa’s Christmas Collection (maybe the bear I mentioned the other day is something I’m remembering that went to my brother). I don’t remember what song she plays, but she plays music. This isn’t all of the snow globes either. I know there is at least one missing, a Nightmare Before Christmas one she got me I think the year before I moved to Florida. Mom said there might be more in boxes somewhere as well.
I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of the Christmas traditions I grew up with. If you want to share some of yours, past or present, head over to One Chocolate Box and add your post to the link up.

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  1. Love the snow globe tradition! Such a great idea!

  2. Such lovely traditions your family has! I especially like the snow globes. What a fantastic idea!

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