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Goodbye Overseas Adventures; Hello Embracing Adventure & Thank You 100+ Followers.

Hello readers! You may or may not know that I used to blog at Overseas Adventures (amandapoverseas.wordpress.com). Today want to tell you a bit about what happened to that blog and why I’ve changed the name and moved over to my own site.


I guess I need to make a new blog button.

When I had signed up at WordPress.com, I picked a URL I figured would be easy for people to remember. I used Overseas Adventures as a title because I was going overseas to Germany and viewed it as an adventure. At the time, I just planned to blog about life over here and didn’t really think long term. The name was fine for awhile and would have been for awhile longer, but I began to expand on the topics a little to things relevant to life in general rather than just life overseas and traveling. I also realized that one day I won’t be overseas anymore but that I’ll still want to blog about whatever adventures I’m having.

So I started to think about moving to WordPress.org (self-hosted) and changing the name and URL. I had kicked around ideas but hadn’t settled on anything until a few days ago when I decided I liked Embracing Adventure. I checked on December 2nd and it was available both as a .com URL and for a YouTube unique link. Blue Host was also having a sale for $3.95 a month for the first term, so I signed up for three years for about $140. (As of today, it’s still on sale, but for $4.95/month.) [Note: I am an affiliate with Blue Host so I do receive a commission on referrals.]

I didn’t plan to move over right away and was going to at least wait until after this Christmas Spectacular Blog Hop and give my readers a little heads up before I moved. However, when I made this post, my blog disappeared as was replaced by the message in the picture and a notification in my dashboard that I had violated Terms of Service and only had a limited time to export my content. I messaged them letting them know I’d checked all my links and none had gone to an affiliate warning, so I didn’t know why I’d been flagged, but I didn’t hold my breath for a restore.

I was *so* annoyed to see this

I was *so* annoyed to see this.

Since I had literally just signed up for hosting hours before, I decided to just go ahead and move it earlier than I planned, but unfortunately without a heads up to my readers (sorry about that). After I got it all set up and I still couldn’t use my original blog, I paid for a site redirect ($13/year if you ever need to do that by the way) and crossed my fingers that they’d honor it even if they didn’t restore my blog. Go figure, a few hours later I accidentally logged in there instead of here and saw that my site was back. I checked my email to find an apology for the inconvenience and a notice that the post had been flagged by spam detectors and they had restored my account.

The guy who messaged also told me that he didn’t think readers could see my account because I have a site redirect up (to here) and that this blog wasn’t shut down and can’t be shut down by WordPress.com (hah no kidding….thus its appeal). Although the move happened earlier than planned due to them shutting my site off, I’m kind of glad they did because it got me moving on it. Now I’ll have a lot more freedom what I can link to and what I can share with you guys, and I don’t have to worry about overactive spam bots going crazy when I want to share something that happens to include a crap ton of links. For now, the blog is going to be pretty much the same as Overseas Adventures as I’ll still be in Germany for at least two years, and I’ll blog about other stuff along the way. I hope you’ll stick around.

Vielen Dank

A card by Cutie Pie Company. Vielen Dank=Many thanks.

I also want to take a minute to say THANK YOU to all of you who have subscribed (or perhaps will be subscribing in the future). As of yesterday, I actually went over 100 followers by the WordPress count, which includes WordPress and email subscribers. I know there are also several who follow via RSS and Bloglovin’, and some who stop by when they catch posts I’ve made to Facebook. However you get here, I’m happy you’re reading. A moderator at WordPress was kind enough to move my WordPress & email followers over, and someone at Bloglovin’ did the same for my followers there, so if you follow by one of those methods, you should be good to go. If you follow via RSS, please note the new feed: feed://embracingadventure.com/feed/. Also if you have any bookmarks with the old site, please update those as I won’t be leaving the site redirect up forever.

For those who might be interested in moving their own WordPress.com site to a WordPress.org/self hosted site, at some point I’ll tell you about the actual process I used to switch. Tomorrow I will tell you about some of the new topics I’ve added recently and some of the additions I plan to make soon. Then it’ll be back to the Christmas Spectacular Blog Hop for a few more days before returning to some overseas adventures, including my first trip to Spain. Thanks again for joining me on my adventures!

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14 Thoughts on “Goodbye Overseas Adventures; Hello Embracing Adventure & Thank You 100+ Followers.

  1. What a great change! Even if it was earlier than you thought. I have been self hosted for years and love it.

  2. Hi Amanda, so do I need to resubscribe with this new blog or will the post still automatically come to me?

    • Hi Lora,
      They moved my WordPress followers over for me today, and you’re still showing there, so you *shouldn’t* need to resubscribe if all is working as it should. If you don’t get the next post though, please let me know so I can see if something went wrong with the transfer. Thanks and thanks for reading 🙂

      • Hi Amanda, you’re welcome. I think they transfer me over because I received two posts from you today. I might not comment much but I do enjoy reading your post and a few other bloggers. Always thinking of all of you. Wishing you a nice weekend and congrats on the page. I really like the new name.

        • Glad it seems to have worked. I enjoy getting comments, but I’m happy to know you’re reading even when you’re not commenting. I am not always able to comment on the blogs I read either although I hope in my downtime between classes I’ll have more time to do so. Thank you. I hope you have a good week 🙂 Glad you like the new name also 🙂

          • You’re welcome. I always like to try to stay up to date with everyone. I have a question. I normally set many of my wordpress blog to once a week. Therefore, I can take my time and read every post throughout the week. I was looking for the settings to change it to once a week than every time when you write and I can’t locate it. On “manage my blog” yours does not have the option to manage. Is there another way to do so?

          • Manage My Blogs is for managing your own blogs. If you want to manage subscriptions you’d got to go to”Reader” which you should see at the top of the same page if you’re on the Manage My Blogs page. Inside “Reader” there’s an option in the right sidebar for “Blogs I Follow”. If you hover over it you’ll see an “Edit” option. Instead of going to general “Delivery settings”, look in the list of blogs you’re following (which should be below that) and you’ll see what kind of post notifications you’re getting on each one. I know that although I set mine to ‘weekly’ overall in the delivery settings, there are a few for which I get ‘instant’ ones or don’t get notification at all, and you have to individually edit that if you want to change it. There should be a blue ‘edit’ link next to the blog name. When you click that you can choose to send posts instantly, daily, weekly, or off. If you’re seeing mine when I post but not in your weekly summary, you might have it set to instantly or daily.

            If that’s where you were talking about and that doesn’t work, I just checked using the email subscriber and there’s one more thing you might try if that’s how you signed up. Go to https://subscribe.wordpress.com when you’re logged in and it should take you to your subscriptions and there will be a drop down for each blog where you can set it to immediate, daily, or weekly.

          • Hi Amanda, thank you very much but yours do not have that option. Next to your blue link (name of blog) all it has is the date and unfollow. Every other blog have the option for daily, weekly, and instant. Well yours and Sue Bryce does not have that option. I am wondering if people who are a part of WordPress but more independent does not have the option for the reader to chose.

          • Yeah it might have to do with being self-hosted then…I have my blog linked to WordPress.com via Jetpack, so it should still show up under the Reader and that other link, but maybe it takes away the frequency option….Okay so I just looked at WordPress.org’s help thing and they said that the functionality for that is only for WordPress.com subscriptions. Supposedly if you set your global delivery settings (that other link for ‘delivery settings’ above the list of blogs) to weekly that would work and should apply to all blogs but other than that there isn’t a way to change the self-hosted ones. The guy answering claims they’re working on making that an option for all WordPress blogs but that was 10 months ago and apparently it still hasn’t happened.

  3. Thanks for being there and always writing great posts! 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness! Sorry for sort of hurrying your move along! I’d be really interested to read your post on switching to self-hosted. I’m kind of tempted but have no idea where to start, or what’s actually involved. I came across a lot of blog posts about people complaining how hard it was to switch from blogger to self-hosted wordpress, so I think that’s why I’m still hmm-ing and ahh-ing about it.

    • Haha no problem. It’s probably for the best they shut me down abruptly and I had posts going for your blog hop since I got moving on it faster than I might have otherwise. I am not sure how hard it is to switch from Blogger to WordPress. I had Blogger at one point for unrelated blogs, and didn’t really like it so I went right to WordPress.com when I started this one. It was pretty easy to switch from WordPress.com to .org *this time*. When I switched with my fitness blog/site it was…not lol. If I had known what I know now though, it would have been super easy, and this time it took me probably an hour between setting up with the host and switching things over. I think Blogger lets you save an XML file so it really shouldn’t be much different if you want to go with WordPress. I’ll post about it soon though 🙂

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