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Categories Created and Coming Soon II

The First Draft

This photo kind of makes me wish I still had a typewriter, but the computer is so convenient.

Awhile ago I told you about some categories I had added and planned to add. Since I just moved my blog, I thought it would be a good time for another post on what categories (listed in the topics menu on the sidebar) are new, what you can find there, and what I plan to add in the near future.

One category I mentioned planning to add before was Other Writing for posts about writing projects and publications. I ended up changing that to Creative Writing since most of my ‘other’ writing that isn’t fiction or poetry consists of guests posts which can already be found here. One of these days I’ll add a page at the top for easy access to my publications, but for now if you’re interested in the other things I write, check here.

Another category I said I’d add and did was Going to Grad School, which is under a new category called A Lifetime of Learning. That’s where I moved Language Learning (which includes Learning German and a new category Learning French). In the future, I plan to add some more learning-related things to this main category including reviews of free online courses and posts about learning guitar and learning more about photography.

Because we moved again within Germany (and I’m sure we’ll be moving at least a few more times due to the military), I moved the Moving to Germany category under a new topic called The PCS Process. Soon I’ll talk about moving from Heidelberg to Kaiserslautern in the Moving Within Germany category.

Daily Life in Germany is still a main category, but I changed the sub-category On the Army Post to On The Military Installation since we actually now live on an Air Force Base. I added Heidelberg and Kaiserslautern under that category to keep the two separate. I have also added Out in Kaiserslautern in addition to the existing Out in Heidelberg category for posts about venturing out into the cities.

So that anyone who just looks under Exploring Germany won’t miss posts on Heidelberg or Kaiserslautern, I also added those cities and the posts about those cities to that category. You’ll also find a new category Exploring France, which I hope to add more cities to soon. Pretty soon you’ll also see an Exploring Spain category. Hopefully in the near future there will be more Exploring categories to come.

My Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Gir, and Miniature Pinscher, Apollo.

I realized I post about my dogs a lot, so I figured they should get their own category. I added a Puppy Love category when I made my post on reasons having dogs > having kids (for me). I didn’t mark every post in which I mentioned them in passing (although I am pretty sure those are all under the pets tag), but if something about the dogs took up most or all of a post or I mention them more than a few times, I added it. Stay tuned soon for recipes for dog treats and dog-related DIY projects. I also added an Arts, Crafts, & DIY category so I can share those projects and whatever else I decide to make.

I also added two “Corners” to the blog, a Childfree Corner and Tim’s Corner. You can read more about Childfree Corner here and you can see the introductory post to Tim’s Corner, which is my husband’s section of this blog, here.

I never did add the “Random Opinions” category that I mentioned before. When I get around to it, I think I’m going to go back to the name of the former blog and call it “In My Opinion”. In the mean time, you might want to check out Fantasy Rantz where you can find my opinions on fantasy topics such as sexy vampires vs sexy zombies and the Game of Thrones show vs A Song of Ice and Fire series.

I also occasionally talk about my opinions on products such as in Some Favorite German Products (actually the most popular post on this blog so far). I just added an On Products category for those. [Just a heads up, I’ve joined some affiliate programs for some merchants/products I’ve already mentioned before on the blog and will probably mention in the future. I’ll disclose affiliate links right away if feasible or at least at the end of the post. Rest assured that you’ll still get my honest experience/opinion on any products/services/etc that I mention, regardless of any compensation].

Some of the parallel text German-English books I have.

I plan to write more about books in the future as well, and while those could be considered “products”, I’ll add a new as-yet-unnamed category for those. In the mean time, I at least have a Books tag for posts that mention books.

It’s weird to think that just a couple of years ago this blog had three categories, and now I have over a dozen main categories with a bunch of sub categories and still have plans for more things I want to share with you. Whatever topics are most interesting to you, I hope you’re all still enjoying joining me on my adventures. If there’s something you want to see more of on this blog, either in a category that already exists or something I haven’t thought of yet, please let me know.

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6 Thoughts on “Categories Created and Coming Soon II

  1. Wow, you’re incredibly organised. I still have to sort out my complete overhaul for my blog. There’s just stuff in there that’s no longer relevant, or I no longer plan on writing about from next year.

    I hope it’s ok if I suggest something… it’s not really a category, but would you consider placing a ‘Home’ link in your menu bar? Unless there’s a ‘Home’ button somewhere and I’m just being blind (which I think, is highly possible)?

    • I try to be.

      Sure. I was thinking about doing that since I wasn’t sure if it was obvious (which it apparently isn’t lol) but if you click the middle of the header image, that actually takes you back to the home page 🙂 [Edit: If you mean the menu at the top, I can’t seem to get that to work as all that gets added up there is whatever I add as a page, but I added a Return to Home Page link at the top of the Topic menu in the sidebar. Hope that helps :)]

      • Oh goodness I’m special >_< I was trying to click the picture on your header, not the title, that's why it wasn't working for me! Heehee! Thanks Amanda 😀

        • Haha no problem. I think my other blog you *could* just click anywhere on the header image and it would go to the home page. Not sure why this one requires clicking the name itself lol.

  2. Aww, I love the fact that there is a puppy love category! You are very well organized!

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