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The Truth About Santa, a Poem & an Explanation (Part of the Christmas Spectacular Blog Hop)

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Today’s prompt for the Christmas Spectacular Blog Hop hosted by Toni at One Chocolate Box is “the truth about Santa”. [SPOILER ALERT: If you’re a child, move along unless you’re the type of child who likes illusions shattered for them. In that case, lay on, Macduff.] I actually happen to have written about this topic in poem form and had it published in December of 2010 at The Glass Coin in their Traditions and Celebrations issue. You can read my poem called “When the Bell Falls Silent” here.

Although not all of my poems are autobiographical (I’ve had to explain a time or two that just like in first person short stories, one should not assume the speaker of the poem is necessarily the actual poet), this one is. I’m not sure about the *exact* age I was when I found out the truth about Santa, or the age at which my younger brother did, but the rest is pretty much how it happened, at least as I remember it. Although I like the simplicity of the poem, I thought I’d give a little bit of an expanded take on the events described in it for this post.

I didn’t plan to learn about the nonexistence of Santa Claus the day that I did. I wanted to know the truth about the Easter Bunny. I don’t know why I insisted that I wanted to know if the Easter Bunny existed and I wanted to know the truth. Regardless, I apparently wouldn’t shut up about it. My mom finally got fed up and said something to the effect of “Okay! The Easter Bunny DOES NOT exist. And since you just had to know, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy aren’t real either.” So that was that. My younger and youngest brother weren’t in the room, so they went on believing in Santa, and I was nice enough not to ruin it for them.

My mom had a Santa Claus like this in the hallway.

A couple or few years later, my mom was talking on the phone in the kitchen. We still had one of those corded ones (Fun fact: we also used to have a rotary phone in our basement), so she couldn’t just walk out of the room if one of us decided to talk to her (which I think we probably did a lot), and whatever she was talking about was pretty much fair game for eavesdropping ears in the hallway or dining room, both of which connected to the kitchen. This time, my younger brother was in one of them, the hallway I think, and of course, he was eavesdropping.

My mom told whoever it was on the other line that her youngest son was the only one who still believed in Santa Claus. Of course my younger brother apparently did too…until the next moment when she said that he “knows better” which of course he put together to mean that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. He ran into the room crying, told her he had still believed, and proceeded to threaten to tell our youngest brother the truth too.

I don’t remember what she bribed him with, and it doesn’t really matter, but she got him not to tell our youngst brother about Santa Claus. I mentioned the other day how my mom read The Polar Express every year. Well, it was read that year too, and to his credit my younger brother didn’t say anything to our youngest brother, even during that last line about believing. Usually we had a few presents labeled “From Santa” while the rest were “From Mom and Dad”. That year all of them (or if it wasn’t all of them, at least it seemed to be most of them) were labeled “From Santa”.

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  1. I love those rotary phones! My dad still must have one in the basement I think!

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