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99 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Part 2 (Questions 2-20)

I’m back with Part 2 of 99 Questions You Should Ask Yourself, which I found posted by Katrin at Land of Candy Canes. She asked others to answer them as well, so I am. I’m breaking them up into the same parts she did and, also like her, I’ll be spreading them out between some other posts. If you missed Part 1, you can find that here.

I would probably say the best part of my day on the 3rd was when I got off work because my husband was there waiting for me and I wouldn't have to clock back in until Thursday, but I didn't take my camera, so here's a picture I took before going to bed when I got to turn the alarms on my phone off which was another pretty awesome part of the day. Unfortunately my husband woke me up an hour earlier than those alarms would have gone off anyhow.

One of the only things I used my old phone for.

11. How many minutes do you look at your phone each day?

If you’d asked me several months, ago I’d say maybe two minutes because I had a cheap prepaid most of the time we lived here and hardly had anyone to call or text over here. The latter is still the case, but my loving husband got me an iPhone a few months back, so now I’m on it quite a bit to get on the internet, use Facebook and other social media, play some games, and jot down notes for blog posts. I’m not sure how many actual minutes I spend looking at it though.

12. Do you call your parents for no reason?

I “call” sometimes when I see my mom on Facebook chat, but I probably wouldn’t call on the phone without a reason because it would be an international call.

13. Do you know the story of how your parents met?

Now that I think about it, no I don’t think I’ve heard that one.

Our bed at the Art ‘otel Cologne

14. What do you miss when you are on vacation?

Internet access (if I am somewhere that doesn’t have it or that it’s expensive to use it) and my own bed (except for the Art ‘otel Cologne…That bed was awesome with very comfortable sheets, and the WiFi was free). If I’ve gone on a vacation where I can’t take my dogs, I miss them after a couple of days too.

15. What is the word of your childhood?


16. When was the last time you played a game?

I played Tetris this morning on my iPad.

17. Do you think more about your past or your future?

Definitely the future. The past can’t be changed, and while it’s fine to think about it, I try not to dwell on it. Of course there’s only so much that can be planned for as far as the future, so I try not to let those thoughts turn into worries. I try to have a plan while remaining flexible and taking things as they come.

18. In which language would you like to be fluent?

I would love to be fluent in German, but I’m not sure I ever will be even though that’s the foreign language I’ve spent the most time on.

One of the many pictures I took on Cocoa Beach

19. Do you try not to look like a tourist when you are on vacation?

I try not to look like a tourist as far as not wearing things that scream “I’m an American!” with the wording or logos. I guess it works because people tend to assume my husband and I are German, and when they find out we speak English, the first assumption is that we’re British (which is odd to me since we definitely don’t have British accents). That said, I am not shy about carrying a camera around and taking a ridiculous amount of pictures, and I guess that makes me look like a tourist. But I’m sure there are locals that take a lot of photos as well. I used to take a lot of pictures in Florida as a local, soo…

20. Do you like yourself better when you are drunk?

I like myself okay when I’m drunk, but not better, no. There are some people that I like better when I’m drunk though 😉

I hope you’ve enjoyed my answers to these random questions. I’ll be back with Part 3 at some point, but for the next little while I’ll get back to telling you about my adventures. If you decide to answer these questions yourself, let me know so I can check out your responses. Also, today starts a new Grow Your Blog Link Up, which will be open for another 6 days. Anyone with less than 500 followers may add their blog. You can also add your profile for any of the following sites on which you have less than 500 followers: Bloglovin’, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. If you want more exposure for your blog or just to find a few new blogs to read, come check it out.

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6 Thoughts on “99 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Part 2 (Questions 2-20)

  1. I think you have a good attitude about the past and the future. I try to not dwell or obsess too much. It certainly doesn’t work to make one a happier person!

  2. Aww thanks for the plug 🙂

    Your one word response to describing your childhood was amusing. How come there was a question mark at the end of it?

    You’re lucky that you can blend in as a local in Germany. Everywhere I go I look like a tourist. Even when I go home to the Philippines I look like a tourist (because I’m no longer used to the heat and often look lost/confused haha)!

    • You’re welcome 🙂

      Haha because that’s how I imagine I would say it out loud. It seemed weird to me to make it a statement. I also considered trailing off with a … but I figured that would generate questions too lol.

      Well I have German ancestry so I should be able to blend a little bit…til I open my mouth lol. Funny story, my last name is actually German, so people who met my husband but hadn’t met me and didn’t know how long we had been married assumed that he came over here and immediately married a German citizen. Maybe you just think you look lost and confused lol. I assumed that I did until people started asking me for directions and then looking at me like they thought I was lying when I told them I didn’t know where things were.

  3. Thank you so much for answering the questions too, Amanda! It was so much fun to read! And thanks for mentioning me! I also miss my pets when I am on vacation! It is just not the same without them!

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