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Karlsruhe Palace & Some of the City

 photo 1003858_10101323217967590_1876086364_n.jpgToward the end of March, we went to Karlsruhe. We parked right near Schloss Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Palace), so that was the first thing we went to. I had not realized that there was a museum on the inside of it. Inside the museum, there was a turm (tower) for people to go up to and look out over the palace grounds. A curator directed us to go in a door, so we did, not really knowing where we were going. After 165 steps we got to to the top. This was the view, first from straight on, then to the right and left.
We went to Karlsruhe Schloss (Palace) which has a museum inside. We weren't supposed to take pictures inside, but I took pictures of the view from the top of the tower, first straight ahead, then to the right and left. photo 1011050_10101323217603320_1646030995_n.jpg
 photo 1017318_10101323217613300_1565832171_n.jpg
 photo 972201_10101323217628270_1330380381_n.jpg
Before going to the very top there was also a level with more windows and some art with the history of the Tulip Girls. We came back down a small spiral staircase and hung out on that level for a little bit. Here is a view out one of the windows there.
View out from that level. photo 993896_10101323217698130_314630526_n.jpg

Then we went back down the rest of the stairs and explored the rest of the museum. Pictures weren’t allowed there, which is unfortunate as there were a lot of cool things. At one point I saw an owl I thought looked familiar. I walked over and realized it was the owl from Schwetzingen’s garden  photo 23.jpg
There was also a crocodile gargoyle I thought was cool. Tim was impressed by a desk lined in gold. We saw many weapons, including swords with intricate hilts and guns with detailed inlays. According to the museum site, which shows some of them, they belonged to the Margraves of Baden. There were also a lot of artifacts from the Holocaust in one area. One thing I remember was uniforms from some of the concentration camps, which was sobering. I was surprised to find something funny there as well: a Hitler pincushion where the pins were put into Hitler’s rear.

Overall, Schloss Karlsruhe was pretty cool to see. Tickets were cheaper to see the castle than the garden in the back, so we didn’t go out there. There were also a garden area in front of the palace, but since it was cold outside there wasn’t much to see there. The only flowers were these off to the side of the palace.
The only flowers in the garden outside the Schloss on the way back. photo 969004_10101323218037450_1702942400_n.jpgThere were also some statues outside the palace. I think this one is supposed to be Hercules fighting the dragon.
 photo 600221_10101323217867790_593195836_n.jpgThis is the statue of Karl Friedrich.
 photo 598361_10101323217902720_303426515_n.jpgAfter touring the palace, we walked around the city for a bit. We mostly walked streets lined with shops. This ended up being the only picture I took, which is of the Karlsruhe Obelisk. I’ve read that this is a monument to the constitution of Baden.
The only place I took a picture out in the city. photo 1004624_10101323217962600_1768516699_n.jpgUnfortunately we didn’t get far before it started to snow, so we didn’t wander long before we decided to head back to the car. Perhaps we’ll go back another time.

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8 Thoughts on “Karlsruhe Palace & Some of the City

  1. Karlsruhe is on my geographic to-do list for the very near future. Great tip on the Turm! I love going into tall buildings!

    • Cool. Hopefully you get to see more of it than we did. Me too. I didn’t even know it was there. A curator just asked if we were looking for it and pointed to a door so we went in and up. Unlike a lot of places they don’t charge for it either (or at least they didn’t when we went).

  2. Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing! I have been to Karlsruhe a couple of times and it is definitely a great city! Happy Holidays!

  3. Ok, frustrating as I’ve been to Karlsruhe but didn’t even see this place. And now I can’t even remember what the heck I was there for in the first place! 😛

    • That was pretty much the only thing we saw. Not sure where you were (especially since you don’t remember why you were there lol) but it’s kind of between Innenstadt Ost & Innenstadt West http://www.karlsruhe-tourismus.de/sehen/sehenswuerdigkeiten-in-karlsruhe/Schloss-Karlsruhe

      • Haha I just remembered! We went to a party of some sort there, that’s why I didn’t see anything. My ex used to live in Offenburg near the Schwarzwald.

        I remember feeling the same when I went to Hamburg. After the Elbe Tunnel there wasn’t really anything we wanted to see, and we were like, “Why the heck are we here!?” >_<

        • Haha right on. Miniatur Wunderland is in Hamburg. I hear that’s pretty cool lol. It’s not even so much that there wasn’t anything else to see in Karlsruhe. There probably is and my husband kind of liked just walking the city. We just ditched out because it started to snow and we didn’t really want to wait around in case it got bad.

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