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Things That Make Me Happy

It seems like just yesterday I was posting about the new year, and we’re already midway through January. A new semester starts for me today, so I’ll be back to trying to squeeze in blog posts between reading assignments and papers. Today I am participating in Toni’s The New Year Project prompt: Write in a stream of consciousness about the things that make you happy. Only write about things/sensations/experiences. It’s kind of appropriate that this prompt should fall on this day because it’s my birthday, and while it hasn’t been unhappy by any means it has been a pretty dreary day so it’ll be nice to focus on some things that make me happy, so here we go:

The couch (which I’m sitting on) in its new location. It’s nice to face the window when laying with my legs out instead of the wall. My super comfy grey boots (Keepsakes-Canoodle) from Sketchers. I wear them like tall slippers even when I’m not going anywhere, like now. HitRECord. I’ve been on there a lot lately (and was on there a lot today). I love adding my stuff to collaborations, seeing the things people have added to my collaboration, remixing people’s texts and images, and just the overall community that is there. Blogging. Writing in general. Reading. Peanut butter blossoms. (My mom sent some and I have been eating way too many of them). Bubble baths. My dogs. Cuddling. Naps. Heat packs when my muscles are sore. Driving on the Autobahn (when the weather is nice). Sunshine. The beach. Taking pictures. Traveling.

I’m sure I could go on, but I think that’s good for now. And I admit, it was not entirely stream of conscious because I did stop in between. My husband came out and turned on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I started watching in between writing. But I did at least write in order of my thoughts and kept myself from going back to edit (except to add in the links). If you’d like to share the things that make you happy, head over to One Chocolate Box and add your post to the link up.

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11 Thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Oh my goodness, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I’m sorry it was a dreary one for you 🙁

  2. Happy Birthday! The whole stream of consciousness or just say the first thing that pops into your head is hard for me…it’s like my brain gets stage fright when under direct pressure to perform 🙂

  3. What a great list! There are so many things in life which are able to make us happy! 🙂

  4. Happy belated birthday Amanda!

  5. I’ve been out of the loop for months again, Amanda! Good thing I gravitated towards this post… now I can wish you a belated happy birthday! :)) It’s good to be lurking around your blog again! =D I also didn’t know you’re into music, too! And knitting! :)) Here’s to a rocking 2014 for us! =D

    • Thank you 🙂 (Belatedly lol. I’ve been swamped with school so and getting called to sub so I haven’t even been on here lately). It’s good to have you back lurking. Hopefully I’ll be able to post soon (but with one class in the final week, another with a couple weeks left, and two that just started yesterday it probably won’t be for a couple more weeks lol). Music yes, knitting not as much. I’ve been wanting to learn but I keep putting it off. I actually just sold the only skein of yarn I had to someone on base who happened to need the same color to finish a project so who knows when I’ll get around to getting another one lol. I second hoping for a rocking 2014 for us though 🙂

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