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Finding Out We Don’t Get CACPREP Accreditation & We Do Get a Teach Out Plan

I didn’t get to blog as much as I hoped to during spring break, and it’s once again been two months since my last post. But now I’m on summer break for the school I work for (although again not for the school I attend), so I should be able to manage blogging more frequently, at least for a little while. I thought I’d jump back in with another grad school post on a couple of topics I’ve mentioned before but haven’t really delved into: finding out that the Bowie State University counseling psychology program offered through University of Maryland University College- Europe won’t get CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs) accreditation and that UMUC-Europe is dropping that program but will give the option of a “teach out” (letting students finish the classes and the degree).

During my first hybrid class I learned that there was a possibility that UMUC-Europe wouldn’t get the keep their Department of Defense contract, but I was told that we shouldn’t worry because if they didn’t get it whoever got it would have to honor the agreement with us and teach us out. We also talked about the fact that Bowie State University was in the process of trying to obtain CACREP accreditation stateside. There was no further info at that time, but the idea was that, hopefully, if BSU got approved stateside, this program would also get approval. I wrote a little bit about CACREP here while I was waiting on the results.

Well, during the summer semester, I found out that BSU is getting CACREP accreditation. Unfortunately it’s not for the counseling psychology program I’m in, but for a 60 credit one they have in mental health counseling. My program is 48 credits, although I have the option to take additional courses as electives, which is what I’m doing, so I’ll actually gradate with 60 credits. It’s kind of a bummer that my program won’t get the CACREP accreditation, but I’m not too worried about it since I had already decided to pursue the degree regardless of the accreditation. Besides, I am leaning toward pursuing a doctorate in the future, and at that point it will be APA (American Psychological Association) accreditation that matters.

We also found out that, although UMUC-Europe did get awarded a Department of Defense tri-services education contract , it didn’t include the counseling psychology or school counseling programs, so they had to drop those. Classmates with less than 12 credits completed in the counseling program said that they had been told they were not allowed to continue pursuing this degree path and would need to pick another program or transfer to another university. Fortunately, since I took those summer classes, I had more than 12 credits and was able to stay for the program’s “teach out”. For those who might be interested, UMUC-Europe has added a a Master’s in Social Work program in partnership with Salisbury University. I learned during the pre-internship meeting that their first cohort started classes in the spring.

I received a teach out plan in August that I could sign off on or make changes to if necessary. However, I had a limited amount of wiggle room because the final practicum and internship will be offered during the 2014-2015 school year, and they will no longer offer any of the classes I need after the Fall of 2015. Since they had me scheduled to take the capstone course (which includes a comprehensive exam and a professional paper) during my internship (which requires 400 clock hours) and nothing scheduled alongside my practicum (which has 100 fewer required hours), I decided to move that around. I also took a look at what they were offering and flip flopped some things so that I could take two more electives to get myself up to 60 credits. Fortunately because I took 15 credits in the fall, I was able to schedule my classes such that I would only have to do two classes during each spring session (although I did have some classes that overlapped) and two in the summer semester. Next year I will have the practicum and captsone in the fall and internship in the spring, and if all goes according to plan, I’ll graduate in the spring of 2015.


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2 Thoughts on “Finding Out We Don’t Get CACPREP Accreditation & We Do Get a Teach Out Plan

  1. Unless you are planning on doing doctoral studies, I recommend that you jump on the SW program. It is an CSWE program, which means you will have greater opportunities in the mental health field in the federal sector. I am now reviewing the USC program (one of a few online accredited MSW programs).

    • I am actually thinking of pursuing a doctoral degree in the future so that was part of wanting to stick with this program. I was also further into it than some and they weren’t starting the MSW one right away, so I probably wouldn’t have been here long enough to finish it. I think the first cohort just started this spring. I actually just finished all my regular classes a couple weeks ago in the summer. All I have left now is my practicum/internship and the capstone class.

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