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Blog Every Day in July Days 20, 23, & 24

I hope you all enjoyed my Spain series. I have some more adventures in Germany to tell you about in upcoming posts, but first I thought I’d take a break and do a few of the prompts I missed from the Blog Every Day in July challenge with Cause Ya Gotta Have Faith, Allieology, and The Other Juliette.

Day 20: Would You Rather…?

I recently got to go on a discovery flight. Look at all those knobs and twiddly bits you have to be able to see to fly the plane (and of course the view is one of the main appeals of flying).

I recently got to go on a discovery flight. Look at all those knobs and gauges bits you have to be able to see to fly the plane (and of course the view from the sky is one of the main appeals of flying).

1. Be blind or be deaf.

Back when I wrote this post on music, I mentioned how I had once answered this question with “blind…because at least if I were blind, music could transcend that darkness (but then again, music is so powerful, it even transcended Beethoven’s deafness)”. But since I’ve been overseas, there are so many amazing things I’ve seen and done that depend on literally being able to see and so many things that I want to do in the future that will do the same that now I’m gonna have to go with deaf. I’d miss my music but I suppose I would rather that than miss out on so many experiences.

2. Be taller than you are or shorter than you are.

Taller. I am a decent height and happy with it, but I wouldn’t want to be shorter.

3. Be a teenager or a senior citizen for the rest of your life.

It depends. If we’re talking teenager like 18-19, then I would definitely pick teenager. If we’re talking the 13-17 range, then I’d rather be a senior citizen because there are a lot of things you can’t do as a minor.

4. Have no hands or no legs.

As hard as it would be, I guess I would rather have no legs. Although modifications could be made to allow me to do a lot of things without either, it seems like the number of things I could still do without legs is higher than the number of things I could still do without hands.

5. Lose your front teeth or both eyebrows.

Eyebrows. You can at least pencil those in more cheaply than you can fix missing teeth.

6. Eat a worm or a cockroach.

I don’t want to eat either one, but if I had a gun to my head I guess I would go with a worm. Cockroaches are disgusting. Also I was reading this question for the first time in Katrin’s post while eating Potstickers, so thanks for that, Katrin ;-P.

Sahara Wonderland

Stars in the Sahara seen by Dennis Stauffer

7. Spend a day in the Sahara or North Pole.

My initial inclination was to say the Sahara because I despite being cold. I moved to Florida where it’s 90-100 on the regular and LOVED it more than having proper seasons. But I wanted to know what there was to see first. I looked up the Sahara and of course saw that it’s a lot of sand and heat and some sand storms. Then I found this post by Laura of Neverending Footsteps, which talks about her experience there, and it actually looks really beautiful. I’m a sucker for a beautiful sunset and a starry night somewhere without light pollution, so now I just might have to put it on the Wanderlust Wishlist.

8. Have a personal chef or a personal driver.

I don’t mind driving, so definitely a personal chef.

9. Always have to whisper or always have to shout.

Shouting would get exhausting, so I would go with always having to whisper.

10. Can’t taste or can’t smell.

I’d rather not be able to smell than not be able to taste. People assume I starve myself because I’ve been underweight most of my life (although I’m not at present and actually weigh the most I ever have), but I actually love food.

11. Wipe with sandpaper or saran wrap.

Neither seem very practical, but saran wrap would be more comfortable.

12. Have Twitter shut down for a day or your blog disappear for a day.

Definitely Twitter. I use Twitter so little that I actually forget I have it sometimes so I probably wouldn’t even notice if it shut down for a day. I’m kind of working on being more interactive on there, but as social media sites go, I much prefer Pinterest (and people seem to prefer my profile there since I’ve somehow gathered over 500 minions, I mean, followers, which is more than on any of my other sites combined). Although I could do a day without using my blog and have, I would be sad if it disappeared for a day because what has been posted before could still be useful to someone. Even on days that I don’t update, there is still a fairly steady stream of visitors searching for various information, and that’s nice to know.

13. Text of your blog is screwed up or all the pictures you post on your blog are blurry.

Well it would be a bummer if my pictures were blurry since I have a lot of them on my blog, but it would kind of defeat the purpose if the text was messed up since this is not primarily a photo blog, so I guess we’ll go with the pictures being blurry.

Condescending Wonka Meme, now in GIF format. I’m trying to ignore that it’s not capitalized correctly…

14. Never be able to post another GIF or never be able to receive comments on your posts.

As entertaining as GIFs are, I’m not sure I’ve ever even posted one on my blog, and I love to get comments, so definitely have to go with not being able to post GIFs. But since I can, here’s one.

15. Have a permanent wedgie or have the tag on your shirt constantly scratch your neck.

Some types of underwear are more or less a ‘permanent wedgie’ and I can learn to ignore it, but I would be constantly annoyed if my tag was constantly scratching me. I’ve cut annoying tags out of a few shirts and like the ones that print the information on the shirt so I can avoid a tag altogether. So, I’ll have to go with having a permanent wedgie.

Day 23: Currently

Technically, this list isn’t all ‘current’ since I responded at the time I wrote it (yesterday) and much of it is not true at this very moment.

Reading:  I’ve got a lot of different books in-progress, but I’m not necessarily actively reading all of them. The Princess Bride (which is for an upcoming Book vs Movie night) has priority at the moment. I also need to start All the Light We Cannot See for book club. Last night I also started reading Flight: 100 Years of Aviation and Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight. I’m still in the last two weeks of class and have a lot of textbook chapters to get through, so it’ll probably take me awhile to finish any of them.

Writing: At the moment, this blog post. I also have some class conferences to write and three papers to start.

Listening: Right now the only sound is from my ceiling fan and standing fan.

Thinking: That I should work out before I crash out because I managed to go two weeks without doing it and I’m trying to actually finish a program for a change. I’ve dabbled but haven’t managed to finish one since Insanity. The closest I came was to finishing Les Mills Combat, but I took off two weeks right before the last two weeks and figured I should just start over. This two week break started toward the beginning of Week 3 of my second go-through, so at least I still have plenty of time to get and maintain some results prior to finishing. [Edit: I did get it in.]

Smelling: Southwest chicken in the crock pot (a recipe I’ll share at some point).

Wishing: I could read faster so I would have time to get in the reading I have to do and the reading I want to do.

Emily the Strange t-shirt.

This shirt amuses me.

Hoping: These last couple weeks of glass go well. I’m hanging on to a 4.0 so far and if I can hold on to it for two more weeks then I’ll graduate with a 4.0.

Wearing: A one fish two fish cat fish no fish shirt and track pants. [Edit: Not that different from today when it’s an Alice in Wonderland shirt and a different pair of track pants.]

Wanting: To get my workout in.

Loving: That I have had enough time this week to keep up on blogging about Spain, finish a book, and finish a video game.

Needing: To eat a snack before I work out and work on my homework/papers. [Edit: I had two bananas, one of them with Nutella on it, which probably defeated the purpose. I still haven’t gotten those papers started…]

Day 24: Throwback Thursday: The Year I Was Born

Birthdate: January 13, 1985

President: Ronald Reagan

#1 song during the week you were born: Like a Virgin by Madonna

Average gas price: $1.20 a gallon

Superbowl winners: The Bears

Most popular TV show: The Cosby Show

Average movie ticket price: $3.55.

Popular movies: The Goonies, Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club

Fashion trends: Ray-Ban sunglasses, stirrup pants, shoulder pads in women’s suits, crimped hair

Average price of a new car: $9,005

Average price of a new home: $100,800

World Series winners: Kansas City Royals


Miscellaneous trivia:
The plastic table looking thing that keeps pizza from touching the top of the box
was invented by Carmela Vitale (patent #4,498,586)

The Titanic was found, 370 miles from Newfoundland.

VH1 made its broadcast debut on the first of the year.

On my birthday, an express train derailed in Ethiopia, killing at least 428, but on the upside a Cerebral Palsy telethon also raised $17,100,000.

There was a United States-Canadian tornado outbreak on May 31 in which 41 tornadoes hit Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario, leaving 76 dead.

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  1. Haha sorry about the worm/cockroach question. 🙂 But thank you so much for answering those as well, I loved to read your answers.
    I recently watched Back to the Future. 🙂 Great movie!

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