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Moving Within Germany Part 4: Packing Day in Heidelberg

One of the movers amused himself setting up the Lego Star Wars magnets we got from Legoland Deutschland.

When moving within Germany with the military, the timeline is not the same as moving to Germany from overseas. We didn’t have to ship our car, for one, and there was no unaccompanied baggage to worry about. Our move was a door to door move where they moved our stuff to the new apartment in Vogelweh Family Housing in Kaiserslautern the day after they moved us out of the old apartment in Patrick Henry Village in Heidelberg. Because of so much getting broken in the last move, we actually packed up as much as we could on our own before the movers got there, which was quite a bit.

The day the movers came to pack our stuff, I got a call on my cell phone saying I needed to come to the gate. I didn’t have the car because my husband was gone, so I told them it would be awhile. The lady on the phone said to hold on then hung up. A couple minutes later, the truck drivers showed up. After I watched them take several minutes to pull in, they came to the door and said that I needed to go to the gate to get their other two people. I was a little irritated with that because I could have been down there and back if the lady had called to say so. I certainly wasn’t going to let the other two guys in while I was gone, so I locked up and headed down to the gate to sign the woman and another guy in.

When I got there and explained what I needed, the security guard gave me a paper, which the woman with the moving company asked for. When we got to the apartment, she showed the paper and her ID to the truck driver, so I’m guessing they didn’t know each other even though she wore a shirt from the same company. She spoke English and asked me questions and then translated what I said to German for the movers.

When they walked through the apartment, the movers seemed surprised how little was left to pack. For what was left in the closets, they brought in special boxes with poles in them to hang the clothes on. If I had known they had those, I might have left more of the clothes out. I had put a lot of them in 20 gallon totes. Some of the totes were fine, but the ones we had gotten from Walmart still smelled funky like they had when we bought them (kind of like burnt marshmallows), and even though I had put a garbage bag in them and then put the clothes in the garbage bag, I figured I would have to rewash everything (and I did). I put the dogs in the bathroom and stayed in there with them for awhile, packing up was in the bathroom myself. I also moved everything we didn’t want them to pack into the bathtub.

I’m Apollo and I like to run. (This was taken at the Patrick Henry Village Dog Park a few months prior to our move).

The movers didn’t take computers, jewelry, or money, so if they found money on the floor, they handed it to me. I also ended up with a stack of jewelry boxes. I asked them for a box and packed those myself to take with us in the car. The guys said that the dogs were okay to come out and they petted the dogs and were nice to them, but I was worried they’d get out if someone opened the door, or at least that Apollo, our Miniature Pinscher, might get out and Gir, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, might run after him. Sure enough, one of the guys left the door open, and Apollo took the opportunity to dart out.

He ran out behind another building and seemed to think it was a game. Every time I got close, he took off again. I tried to corrall him and get him to run toward the fenceline (instead of toward the street), and that seemed to work. I finally managed to catch him and carried him inside. When I got in, the movers had already put Gir in the bathroom. That’s why I’d wanted them there to begin with, although without Apollo, I don’t think Gir would have run off. She’s gotten out of her collar before and just stood there, and I’ve taken her off leash on a beach before and she stayed right with me.

I don’t like standing around doing nothing, so I decided to get started on cleaning. Even though my husband said he was told all we have to do is sweep the floors and clean the appliances (because they were turning the buildings back over to Germany when we moved; otherwise we’d have had to do more), I decided to wipe down the cupboards too. I was cleaning the ones in the kitchen while the guys packed the living area including the bookshelves.

Books packed with one of my breakable fairies, now broken. 🙁

I should have paid attention because I had little decorations on some of the shelves. They had brought oodles of packing paper and a roll of bubble wrap the size of a rolled carpet. Did they use it and then put all those decorations into one box? No. They threw the stuff in boxes with the books from the same shelves and then threw other books on top of them. Remarkably, some of them actually managed not to break. But a couple things did. (I didn’t discover any of this until after the fact).

Originally one of the moving guys had said he was going to leave the bed and pack it the next day so we could sleep on it that night. But they decided to pack everything all in one day. That was fine except they didn’t bother to tell me about the change in plans and took the mattress out without saying anything. Fortunately I was able to find the box with clean sheets in it and one of the guys said they’d bring up the government mattress (which we still had since they had told us they’d only pick temporary furniture up once and we used all the rest of it up til the end). The whole packing process only took about five hours. Join me next time to hear about the day we moved to Kaiserslautern.

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