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Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Window clings on my patio door.

Last year, my husband wanted to stay home and have a quiet Christmas Eve and Christmas, so that’s what we did. Since I had been up ’til about 0700 playing Borderlands 2, I slept til about 1300 when my husband asked if I wanted to go to the store. He ended up deciding to go alone so he could get some presents (he’d decided to take me on a couple of trips but thought I should have something to exchange with him also) and to the commissary to get eggs so I could make cookies. I was also hoping he’d find French Onions for green bean casserole since our commissary had been out on the 22nd and, on the 23rd, we had walked in, seen the crazy lines, and walked right back out. But of course they were out of stock. He did come back with Johnny Rockets though. We ate that then had a nap.

Later, we exchanged presents at my husband’s request. His presents had been here for a long time, so I am kind of surprised he lasted as long as he did in waiting for them. Usually he talks me into giving him some early. I gave him headphones for his computer games and some stuff from ThinkGeek, and he gave me some new workout clothes and a sweater. Thereafter, he spent most of the night using said headphones while playing Eve while I played around on the computer and finished up my blog post for the day after Christmas.

I made pierogi for dinner, and we watched Seinfeld while we ate. I still can’t decide how I feel about that show. Sometimes I think it’s funny, and other times most of the characters annoy me. I guess at least they did contribute Festivus…for the rest of us. Anyhow, due to watching an episode in which a guy (who years later would play General Holden on Army Wives) puts napkins on his dogs thinking they’re bandanas, Tim decided to make our dogs bandanas out of a couple things he had. They seemed to like them.

Gir and Apollo in their bandanas.

Gir and Apollo in their bandanas.

I ended up making M&M cookies at around midnight, which I’ll post the recipe for next time. I had started a little earlier than that, but our oven has two knobs, one for temperature and one to set the type of heating, and I forgot to turn on the second one. So after 10 minutes of the cookies being in, I realized the oven had never heated. I fixed it and made cookies while playing around on the computer.

Gir posing with her bandana while the cookies were baking.

I decided to check NORAD to see if Santa had made it to Germany, and he had. I’m not sure why Cologne or Munich didn’t get a video but Paris, France did. I thought it was cool that there was also a video for Kandahar, Afghanistan assuring that Santa visits all military bases around the world.

Later, I came across this video of a base jump with wingsuits in France. Three guys managed to go under Aiguolle du Midi Bridge in Chamoix. I was floored. The craziest thing I’ve ever done is white water rafting (which I’ve actually done several times). I took Tim for his first time white water rafting a couple weeks after we got married. He hated me for it temporarily, but he’s talked about going again sometime. I am also trying to talk him into canyoning  in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Me and Tim on the Gauley River in West Virignia, obviously between rapids.

Me and Tim on the Gauley River in West Virignia, obviously between rapids.

But base jumping in a windsuit? I can’t say never…if it were in the right conditions and I was reasonably sure I wasn’t going to die a gory death smashed into the side of a mountain, I might try it. But what these guys pull off is impressive and probably beyond what I could ever imagine doing. It’s awesome to watch though. And that’s what I did for over an hour after the first video. With the exception of a brief intermission to tell my husband about it and talk to him about the game he was playing, I watched all the videos of The Perfect Flight on Epic TV nonstop. At some point, I want to do a post on those guys for my Inspiring Adventurers category.

On Christmas day, I started the turkey at like 0500 and went to bed at about 0600. I was a little stuffy and had a tickle in my throat but I thought maybe I could sleep it off. Unfortunately by the time I woke up around 1300 I had a full blown sore throat and a runny nose. At least the turkey was already done, and I just had to make stuffing and rolls. I meant to make mashed potatoes too but I forgot and Tim decided he could do without them. We ate and watched Step Brothers, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Then I had a nap. We watched some more Seinfeld when we got up, but I was exhausted, so I went back to sleep. See…quiet.

The M&M cookies in the oven. I’ll share the recipe next time.


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