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Learning From Music Videos: English Songs with German Translations of the Lyrics

While looking for songs “auf Deutsch” (in German) on YouTube, I found a lot of songs that weren’t in German but had a German translation of the lyrics either as subtitles or a slideshow. Although I prefer to listen to songs in German and, if anything, read the subtitles in English, I think that listening to English songs while reading the German subtitles can be helpful for reading comprehension.

If you want to seek out English songs with German translations of the lyrics, search for “Deutsche Texten in Englischen Lieder” (German text in English songs). You may also find some labeled “Englische Lyrics und die Deutsche Übersetzung” (English Lyrics and German Translation). You could also search for the specific song and add “deutsche texten” (German text) or “Deutsche Untertitel” (German subtitles) into the search.

Here are five English songs with videos that include a German translation of the lyrics. These all happen to be ones that have a slideshow with the German translation as the song plays. The fourth song also includes the English lyrics above the German translation.

Mad World by Gary Jules

Only Time by Enya

Hey Brother by Avicii

Valentine’s Day by Linkin Park

Zombie by The Cranberries

If this post helped you in your quest to improve your German, please pass it along via one of the share options below. Check out more posts on learning German, including from various music videos, here. I’ll be sharing more music videos to learn from in the future, as well as some of my own translations of German songs, so stay tuned.

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2 Thoughts on “Learning From Music Videos: English Songs with German Translations of the Lyrics

  1. very cool! i’m not sure what your taste in music is or your level of German but check out Blutengel (http://blutengel.de) for some cool tunes (IMO) auf Deutsch. Happy New Year 🙂

    • I’m better at understanding German than I am at speaking it, but still far from fluent. If I don’t understand something, it’s a good excuse to practice translation. I used to go to Goth Night at a club when I lived in Ohio and that guy’s voice sounds really familiar, so I’m wondering if this band was played. I’ll definitely have to listen to them some more. Happy new year. 🙂

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