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Looking Back at 2014 Accomplishments & Ahead at 2015 Goals

Frohes Neues Jahr! (Happy New Year!) Rather than doing New Year’s resolutions, I’m going to continue to work on the 101 in 1001, which I started on December 2nd, 2013. 101 in 1001 is quest to complete 101 goals in 1001 days. Today I’ll look at what I have completed on the list during 2014 with the number of each as it’s listed in the 101 in 1001 list, a summary of what I have made some progress on by topic, and a list of some of the things I plan to work on next in 2015.


19. Host a giveaway (on my blog): On 7/17, I hosted a giveaway for FluentU’s private beta testing slots. They’re currently in a public beta phase, so check here if you’re interested in that.

The first picture I took with my new DLSR. This was the second snow of the year.

34. Get a DSLR camera: I met this goal on 12/8 thanks to my wonderful husband giving me an early Christmas present of a Canon EOS Rebel T5. I have been having a lot of fun learning how to use it and plan to post about that in the future.

40. Submit 20 RECords (not counting remixes) to HitRECord collaborations: I submitted my 20th REcord to a collaboration on 1/7. You can check out my albums here.

45. Start a collaboration (on HitRECord): I completed this on 1/18 when I started Six Word RECords: Why We Hit RECord. I also started one on 1/28 called The Magnetic Words Writing Challenge, which you might find useful to check out if you like writing prompts.

47. Organize my RECords with albums: I organized my RECords on 2/4. You can see them here.

68. Go to a barefoot park: On 8/17, I went to one in Bad Sobernheim, which I’ll be telling you about in the future.

Inside the Japanese Garden (Japanischer Garten) in Kaiserslautern

69. Go to the Japanese Garden in Kaiserslautern: I went here on 9/6 and will tell you about that in the future.

72. Add map locations to my Places I’ve Been board on Pinterest: I completed this on 7/28 for the places I had been to and blogged about so far.

73. Take a discovery flight:. I did this on 7/12 in Pirmasens, and I will tell you about that in the future.

82. Get my BP to 120/80 or lower:. I am not sure what date I technically reached this, and I ended up having to get on medication to do it, but the last time at the doctor it was under this. I’ll be telling you a bit about that soon.

85. Make a donation to 3 more good causes: I did my third one on 8/21. I’ve made donations to someone’s medical fund, to the ALS foundation, and a donation to the ALS Therapy Development Institute. You can learn more about ALS and donation options in this post.

99. Find a tolerable birth control method: I have this listed as complete and thought it was because Mirena, despite its drawbacks, was tolerable for a long time, but lately I’ve been debating having it removed as I’ve been having more problems with it. I’m considering doing a series on my quest to find a good birth control method at some point in the hopes it might help others who have had similar struggles to know they’re not alone and those who are considering certain methods to be aware of the possible side effects. If I do, I’ll include a notice at the beginning of such posts, even though it’ll be obvious by the title, so if someone opens one up who does not want to read about that, they can back out before they get into the actual post.

Some Progress

I’ll be summarizing in this section, but I note the goals that are in progress in italics on the 101 in 1001 page. I’ll also talk a bit about this year’s plans that relate to these topics.

In Blogging/Vlogging: I have translated a few songs, two in 2014, but I haven’t posted any of them to the blog. Those are coming soon, and I am considering doing videos to accompany them. I have also started re-learning to edit videos, though I haven’t had much chance to practice. I have a few in the pipeline though. Most of my videos end up on my blog anyhow, but follow my YouTube channel if you have a specific interest in those.

The badge that was posted in the Facebook group for my Day 21 post. I get a badge for every completed week.

 I get a badge for every completed week. This was the one for day 21.

I also got started on a 30 day blog challenge in December, which I’m still participating in. Unfortunately there were a few days I didn’t post, but I made them up and will still end with 30 posts, so I may count it. I am starting the same challenge today on my fitness blog, so subscribe there if that’s a topic that interests you. If you’re interested in taking the blog challenge, you can find more info here. It’s free and fun, so I encourage you to give it a try.

Since moving this blog to self-hosted, I also needed to upate my blog networks and Pinterest pins with the new blog name/address, and I started but haven’t finished. Fortunately a site redirect isn’t terribly expensive, so I let that go for another year.

In Photography: I started catching up posting photos to Facebook but am still behind. I plan on adding some photo albums with my favorite pictures to my writer page as well. I’m also behind in but have started catching up on posting some of my favorite photos to Flickr. I have started learning to use my DSLR camera, and am pretty excited about that.

Arts & Crafts: I did 13 remixes using other people’s text and images on HitRECord, of the 20 I have as a goal, and 3 of the 20 remixes I plan to do using my own text or image with someone else’s. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to be on HitRECord in several months, but with my regular classes ending, I’m looking forward to spending more time doing those things. You can check out my completed remixes here. I also planned to make 3 dog toys for my dogs out of fabric scraps, and I have made 2 so far which I made on Christmas Eve and Christmas. I’ll tell you about those soon. I also added a goal about learning quilling and have been doing that the last few days. I am having fun with it and look forward to doing more.

Other Learning: I have made progress on earning my MA in counseling psychology and am expecting to graduate in May of this year. In my goal to reach 1000 hours during my practicum and internship combined, I have reached 537 hours and 40 minutes in practicum, which is quite a bit more than the 300 the school required for that portion.

Reading: My goal is to read 100 books and keep track on Goodreads. I did pitiful at adding to it this year, but did make some progress with 8 books. I expect to get much further this year since I am finally done with regular classes and only have my internship left. I am also planning to do this reading challenge.I also have a goal to write at least 10 reviews for books I’ve read and am currently at 4, which are on Goodreads. I plan to blog more this year about books as well.

A view over Valkenburg from the castle ruins.

A view over Valkenburg from the castle ruins.

Travel & Exploration: I wanted to get to at least 3 more countries from my Wanderlust Wishlist and have been to 2: Denmark (Copenhagen) and the Netherlands (Valkenburg). I also wanted to get to at least 3 more cities on my list for Germany and I made it to 2: Munich and Rothenburg.

Other: I wanted to beat 15 video games and have managed one as of 7/28/14. Given all the rest I have accomplished, I’m not too upset about the lack of progress there. I also wanted to try 100 new recipes and have made quite a bit of progress with 37 as of 12/31/14. I’ll be sharing many of those here. I plan on sharing the healthier recipes on my fitness blog here. I also added a goal to try 5 new German foods or drinks. As of 12/8/14, I was at 3: Schneeballe in Rothenburg, Kinder Glühwein at Burg Lichtenburg, and Schichtsalat that a coworker brought in and I later made at home. I also wanted to create  5 new iTunes playlists, with at least 2 for working out and have done 1 so far.

What’s Next?

Besides the things I’ve already mentioned planning to work on above, some things I plan to focus on next are:

Cover of my novelette made by Sarah WaterRaven.

Cover of my novelette made by Sarah WaterRaven.

Turning my novelette into an eBook: Ideally I plan to put out my novelette The Kingdumb before I turn 30, which means I have a little over a week to do it. The cover art for it was created for me by my friend Sarah WaterRaven. You can learn more about her here. When I release this, I’ll have a special offer for my blog readers, so stay tuned.

Reach 200 posts on Investing in Fitness: Although I have technically published a few more posts that have been deleted due to being about sales that are no longer active, I’ll be at 69 posts once I get today’s out. By the time I finish my blogging challenge, I’ll already be up to 99, so this should still be doable by the end of my 101 in 1001.

Catching up on Embracing Adventure at least to the previous month: I am almost exactly a year behind on posting about events, but I actually had a fairly slow year as far as specific events went, so I should be catching up soon as long as I can keep consistent in blogging.

Host my own blog hop: I plan on doing a blog hop for childfree bloggers in the next few days, which I’ll leave open for at least a couple of weeks. If you are childfree or are trying to decide whether to have children and think you might decide to be childfree, stay tuned to Childfree Corner and please consider contributing a childfree-related post to the blog hop.

Overall, I think I had a pretty productive year. I have found the 101 in 1001 to be a great motivator. I like that it allows for a variety of goals, and it’s time-limited but still open-ended enough that I can focus on different things as priorities shift. Even with not having the pressure of trying to get everything done in one year as a “New Year’s” resolution would have me doing, I think I have accomplished more using this method than I would have using “resolutions” or even my previous habit of making “generalized goals for the year”. Since adding the 101st thing to my list of goals, I have actually come up with more goals that I haven’t added to the list. I’m excited to finish the things already in progress and to start on the things that aren’t.

Do you have a 101 in 1001 list or New Year’s Resolutions? If so, please share in the comments below. All the best for the new year!

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  1. Good luck with all your goals! I am trying to finally completely understand my dslr camera as well. 🙂 I got one last year and now I finally got a book about photography as well. I am sorry you are also having problems with high blood pressure. I struggle with that as well. My vegan diet helps a lot with it.

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