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How I Come Up With Blog Ideas

Although most of the days of the 30 day blogging challenge I’m participating in have a task that could fit with any topic, Day 23’s challenge was to write about how I overcome blogger’s block in my niche. I posted my childfree link party (open til January 12th) on Day 23, so I’m tackling that challenge today. However, being a lifestyle blogger, I can write about pretty much anything that goes on in my life or that I think about, and I have steadily expanded the topics I cover, so I really haven’t struggled with “blogger’s block” so far.

What I struggle with is finding the time to post what I already have in the pipeline since my tendency is to come up with topics and write as much of a draft as I can. I return to it when I have time to flesh it out and add in photos. Still, I figure I can do a post on how I come up with blog ideas, which would be essentially the same thing I would do if I were ever to run into blogger’s block, so here are some things I blog about and how I come up with ideas for those topics as well as a couple ways I come up with ideas overall:

A view over Valkenburg from the castle ruins.

My most recent trip was Valkenburg, in the Netherland and will be the topic of future blog posts. This is the city viewed from the castle ruins.

Traveling: The easiest way I come up with posts for my blog is to think about where I have been and write posts about my experiences. Often, I have done so much in a trip that even a day trip doesn’t always fit into one post. If I need multiple posts, I tend to devote a post to different days or chunks of the day, although sometimes I write about a specific aspect of the city, such as the dragons in Worms. I haven’t done it yet since I’m still behind on writing about events, but at some point I’ll probably pull together some curated posts which I’ll get ideas for by going over my past travels and looking for themes that might make a good post. I also have some ideas for On Products in which I’ll be writing about some things I have bought and used that I’ve found useful in my travels and daily life.

Daily Life: A lot of posts on my blog have to do with daily occurrences. Even though it’s “everyday life,” often things are just a bit different than they would be in the States or because of the military. One of my most popular posts is Some Favorite German Products in which I just share some things I like to get in Germany that I didn’t have in America. I also do a lot of things in my everday life that have their own topics such as going to grad school and trying new recipes. Our first moving process was filled with so much information, including some misinformation, that I started my blog talking about all the hoops I was jumping in the PCS process.

In My Opinion: I used to have an opinion blog and still have a few old posts from which I occasionally choose one to post to this blog. I usually decide to revise and post old posts when something reminds me of what I had written before and I think the post might still be relevant. For example, I posted Just Music? after writing a post on “feel good” music and Awareness Without Action Accomplishes Nothing when I noticed similar things occurring to what had occurred when I wrote the original post.

For ideas for new opinion posts, I just pay attention to things that stir something up in me. If I find myself having a lot of debates with friends on a particular topic, getting annoyed at seeing things posted that express an idea I disagree with (especially if there’s a relative lack of people that I would agree with) or find myself writing an argument in the description before I share an article, it is probably something that I’ll write a post about to share in this category.

If you’re childfree, click this picture to go to the Childfree Friday Link Party (open til Jan 12th 23:55 EST) and add a post on any childfree-related topic.

Childfreedom: I haven’t blogged on this topic much so far, but I have a queue of childfree-related posts long enough that I could devote almost an entire month to doing so. I come up with topics on this subject by thinking about my experience in making my decision not to have children, childfree-related books I have read, questions I’ve been asked by people, and looking for inspiring individuals who have declared they are childfree or did not have children while they were alive.

Ideas from Blog Hops, Link Ups, Round Tables, & Other Blogs: Although often when I do a blog post or link up, I’ve already got a topic in mind that fits the category of the hop or linkup, sometimes I end up with a new topic based on them, such as during the Christmas Spectacular Blog Hop with challenges posed by One Chocolate Box. When everyone posts on the same topic rather than a general category, I call it a Round Table. These might be part of a link party or blog hop, but sometimes are also just when someone writes a post and encourages others to blog on the same topic. An example of this was 99 Questions You Should Ask Yourself (though I only got to question 40), which I did because Katrin had done it on her blog Land of Candy Canes and encouraged others to answer the questions as well.

Sometimes I’m also inspired just by reading someone else’s posts which remind me of something I wanted to post already or gives me ideas for a riff on the same topic. For example, I was recently inspired to write my post on happiness by a post on MC Simon Writes. Whenever I get ideas from a round table suggestion or from someoene’s post, I always mention where I got the idea and link back to that person’s post. This gives them credit where credit’s due and may help my readers find another blog they’ll like. Sometimes people don’t check their linkbacks, so unless you’re in regular contact with the other blogger, you might also want to stop by and comment on their post to let them know that you’ve mentioned them in your post.

Past Posts Statistics & Search Terms: I often check my statistics to see what my most popular posts are. You can also see what’s been popular most recently in my sidebar, if you’re interested. When a post gets a lot of views, I consider doing a second post on the same topic or a post on a similar topic. I do the same if I see a lot of search terms related to a topic I’ve covered. Sometimes I also get ideas for posts based on search terms that I haven’t written about or have only briefly touched on.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at some of the ways I come up with my blog posts. How do you come up with your posts? Please share in the comments below.

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