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A Slice of American-Tasting Pizza in Germany: Pizza Attack

The bread cup box.

On New Year’s Day last year, I decided to make a day of hanging out in yoga pants and cuddling with my dog. After a little while, I got hungry and decided the only thing that sounded good was pizza. In particular, I was missing Papa Johns, from which we used to get a large pizza with several toppings for $7. They also had good garlic parmesan breadsticks.

Although I later learned that Liberty Pizza delivered on Patrick Henry Village, when we lived there, I thought no one delivered on post since even the taxi could only go as far as the hill below the gate. So, I was excited to learn from an online spouses’  group that Pizza Attack delivers on Vogelweh and takes American dollars. We ordered a large pepperoni pizza, a breadbowl, and some “pizza cheesy bread” which are little bread triangles filled with cheese. As soon as it arrived, the Pizza Attack food reminded me of Domino’s with the colors of the boxes. The pizza and bread cup also seemed familiar.


Pizza cheesy bread, sausage bread bowl, large pepperoni pizzaz.

Pizza cheesy bread, sausage bread bowl, large pepperoni pizza.

The taste of the Pizza Attack bread cup is about what I remember a Domino’s bread bowl tasting like. Although it had been a long time since I’d had Domino’s pizza, the pizza’s taste seemed familiar as well. Unfortunately to get this taste of Domino’s in Germany is quite a bit more expensive than ordering Domino’s in the States. What later became our typical order of an XXL 20” Pepperoni pizza and 9” and sausage bread cup, which is enough to come with a free 1 liter Coke, runs us 31.70 euro, which is about $42.16, give or take, depending on the exchange rate at the time. Still, I just appreciate the fact that I can get something resembling Domino’s delivered to my door. On the plus side, the cost means that we don’t do it very often, and that’s probably better for my attempts to invest in my fitness.

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2 Thoughts on “A Slice of American-Tasting Pizza in Germany: Pizza Attack

  1. I love good Italian pizza in a restaurant in Germany and also deep-frozen dishes from the super market. There is a certain degree of convenience to order pizza in, though. Does Germany now have seamless? We have Domino’s in New York but I’ve only tried it once and it was blah. Better pizza to be had here but it’s great when in other states.

    • I recently had a frozen thin-crust one from the German market and it was pretty good. Order in pizza is definitely convenient. I would say frozen is probably more-so if you already have it on-hand but I never seem to when I have a hankering for it. I haven’t heard of Seamless. If they have it I haven’t seen it. Yeah Dominos can be very hit or miss. I always liked the bread bowls in FL anyhow. I don’t remember liking the pizza much in Ohio though so maybe it depends on where you get it. I don’t care for Pizza Hut in the States but enjoy it here.

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