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5 American Products I Discovered in Germany II

Last year, I wrote about some American products that I didn’t use until I lived in Germany. I’m back with 5 more including a granola bar, a candy, a slow cooker, a dishwasher detergent tab, and a bubble bar. I’m not begin compensated for posting about any of these products. They’re just some things I use and enjoy and thought I’d share in case you might enjoy them too.

1. Odwalla Orange Cranberry Granola Bars

We found these granola bars at the commissary, and I love them. They’re about a dollar each, but they’re very good. There are other flavors, but this is my favorite. The orange and cranberry really make a great combination. They’re 200 calories each, and although they’re sugary, they give make up for it in providing 25% of one’s daily value of calcium and 50% one’s daily value of vitamin E. They also contain fiber, vitam A, and vitamin C. Some of my readers will be happy to know that this is a vegan option that does not contain any GMOs.

2. Christmas-Themed Green & Red Sour Patch Kids

I’ve had Sour Patch kids before, of course, but I had never had a bag of just green and red before coming to Germany. We have gotten these in the commissary the last couple years in a row. I have heard, though I can’t confirm, that they’re kind of hard to find in the States, or at least in some areas. I could believe that as I don’t see them on the Sour Patch site, and it’s still pretty close to Christmas. However, if you’re so inclined to attempt to look for them, you can try their product locator. If nothing else, at least you’ll know where to find the regular ones.

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

3. Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker 

A parent at the child development center that I used to work in was kind enough to give me a gift card for the BX. I used it to get a Hamilton Beach slow cooker, which I have used a lot since. In the picture above, I had just put in the ingredients for the first meal I used it for: BBQ beef. I’ll be sharing that recipe with you and many others sometime in the future.

cascade complete action packs

4. Cascade Complete Fresh Scent Action Pacs

Normally I get Somat 7 or 10 dishwasher tabs. The commissary was out for awhile though, so I picked up these Cascade Complete action pacs. I usually try to use German products for the dishwasher and washing machine (why is it not a clotheswasher, hmm?) because they’re made to work with the hard water, but I was comfortable using these because the back of the package states that they contain water softening agents. We’re back to Somat again, but this bag stood me in to get my dishes clean in the meantime, and I’d get them again if I needed to.

bubble bath

Bubble bath and wine. I’m not sure if these bubbles were from the specific product I describe below, but the link to Tranquil Oasis Bubble Bar has a picture of the item.

5. Moon’s Harvest Tranquil Oasis Bubble Bar

Speaking of getting clean, I love to take baths to relax, and I love to get my bath goodies from Moon’s Harvest, a Texas-based company that makes handmade bath products. Although I like a lot of their products, my absolute favorite so far is the Tranquil Oasis Bubble Bar. I usually get multiples of this bubble bar plus a few other things whenever I order from them. It has a fresh, clean scent which they describe as “a refreshing blend of cool citrus notes of satsuma and verbena, followed by rich French jasmine petals and salty sea notes, and rounded out with exotic musk and oriental bamboo. ” The bubble bar turns the water a blue that reminds me of being in the Bahamas. The color doesn’t stain the skin or tub whilst soaking in it. I usually get 2-3 uses of of one bubble bar. For a trick I figured out to store and use the remaining bubble bar without hand-crumbling it, check out Tip 3 in this post. Also stay-tuned if you like bubble bars because I   recently ordered supplies to follow this solid bubble bath tutorial and will be sharing my experience with it.  

If you do like bubble bars, I recommend this one, and if you like bath products in general, I recommend Moon’s Harvest overall. Their products are all handmade and paraben free, phthalate free, and cruelty free. Most items are vegan, though there are some that use milk and beeswax, and these are clearly labeled. They usually offer a free gift for $50 orders. The last couple of times I’ve gotten 6 random baby bath bombs, which is normally $12.50. Sometimes they have a choice of options, and you can pick one per order. Generally a free sample-sizes of a random product or two is include, which is a nice way to try new things. There is also a MyRewards point system in which you earn about 1 point per dollar and every 20 points is worth $1 off your order. If you use points in an order, you don’t receive points for that order, so it’s best to save them up until you’re going to have an order that is close to equal to the point value you want to spend. 

I hope you enjoyed this look at 5 American products I have started using since I lived in Germany. Please share your thoughts on this post and/or any of the products in the comments below. 

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