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Learning from Music Videos: French Versions of Disney Songs

One thing I like to do to help me with language learning is to listen to Disney songs in the language. I have previously posted about doing this for German but realized today while going through my Pinterest board on language learning that I never posted on any in French. So, here are 5 French versions of Disney songs. Many of them include both French subtitles and an English translation of the French lyrics. Because language translations usually not word-for-word with the original, it’s really helpful to know the exact words being sung rather than the gist of them that I can get from already knowing the English song.

1. “Entre demux mondes” (“Between Two Worlds”) is the French version of Two Worlds from Tarzan. I mentioned last time I posted a Phil Collins song that Phil Collins is not fluent in German, though he sang the Tarzan songs in the language. Rather he learned to sign it phonetically. I got the impression the same is true of the French versions of the songs. I like this video because it includes both the French translation and English translation of the French on the screen as the song plays.

2. “Réflexion” (“Reflection”) is the French version of the song of the same name from Mulan. This version is sung by Marie Galley who has also sang for Ariel. This video also includes French subtitles as well as the English translation of the subtitles. The translator includes some extra info in the notes section on YouTube regarding her translation choices.

3.“Belle” is the French version of the song of the same name from Beauty and the Beast. No French Disney song list would be complete without a song from this movie since it is, after all, set in France, and I thought it would be appropriate to include to so you can hear the character of Belle signing in her native language. She sounds lovely but, if it’s possible, I think Gaston sounds like even more of a twerp in this version. Unfortunately there are no on-screen lyrics for this video; however you can find the French lyrics in the notes on YouTube.

4. This is Ce rêve bleu (“This Blue Dream”). Isn’t that a cool name? It’s the French version of “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. This is another one that has the French lyrics on the screen with an English translation below it.

“Je veux y croire” (“Want to Believe”) is the French version of the English song “I See the Light” from Tangled. I originally had bookmarked “Où est la vraie vie?” (“Where is the Real Life?”) which is the French version of “When Will My Life Begin?”, but it was taken down and I couldn’t find a good replacement. This song is lovely though. The video includes the French translation and an English translation of the French lyrics.

I don’t anticipate ever becoming fluent in French since I rarely have occasion to use it. (And, let’s be real, I’m far from fluent in German and I had it for four years in high school and have lived here for about three years.) However, it’s pleasant to hear the songs in this language, and I do recognize some of the words I have heard before, so perhaps it will help next time I’m visiting the country. If you like this post, please pass it along via one of the sharing options below. À la prochaine! (Until next time!)

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