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30 Day Blog Challenge Review & Recap

As you may have seen me mention a couple times, I’ve been doing a 30 day blog challenge, and today is day 30! Whoohoo! Although I had already planned to blog more over my school break, doing this challenge helped me to blog during almost all of the days I’ve been off. I learned about some cool tools for creating images (such as Canva where I made the Pinterest-suitable picture for this post) and got the motivation to do things that I had heard about but not bothered with (like using an SEO widget to help me be mindful of using keywords in my title and post that will help the right people find them) and things I had initially started off doing but had tapered off on (such as encouraging people to comment and/or share posts).

I didn’t realize until after I signed up that it this challenge is technically a “business” blogging challenge and this isn’t quite a “business” blog. However, the daily prompts are such that they can fit with most any blog, and I still found the challenge useful. There is a Facebook group that accompanies the challenge, in which challengers post their daily post, read and comment on others’ posts, and receive feedback and encouragement from other challengers and the challenge hosts, Sarah and Kevin Arrow. For the first post, end of every week, and the final day, Kevin also posts digital awards in the group.

Most of my badges from the challenge.

Most of my badges from the challenge.

Whether you’re blogging for fun or as a business, I encourage you to check out this free challenge group. You can find several things regarding what the challenge is for and who the challenge is not for, as well as sign up if you feel that it is for you, here. If you don’t want to receive daily emails, getting the book Zero to Blogger in 30 Days is also an option. This book includes some information on setting up a blog in WordPress for those who are just starting out as well as all 30 days of challenge prompts.

I didn’t manage to do the 30 challenge days without missing any days, and technically went past the date change a few times (including today), but I did get in 30 days in total, which gave me 29 more posts than I had in the several months prior to that. One of the days (Day 19) had a challenge for updating previous blog posts and sharing one, so I added a Pinterest pinnable icon and some other things to my post on tips from for parents with children in daycare. If you missed any of the posts, you can find a list with all my challenge posts below the next paragraph.

Although I am about to be going back to my practicum/internship site to start my internship next week and probably won’t be posting daily here for awhile, now that internship is the only thing I’ll have going I do plan to be here more regularly. I am also about a week into this challenge on my other blog, Investing in Fitness, and I encourage you to subscribe if you’re interested in my fitness journey and posts on fitness, nutrition, recipes, and improving wellbeing.

My 30 Day Blog Challenge Posts 

1. Goldener Hecht & the Neckar River Flood in Heidelberg

2. The 2013 Heidelberg Schlossbeleuchtung (Castle Illumination) & 400th Annual Fireworks

3. Dinner at Zur Dicken Emma Preceded by a Gas Mishap

4. Moving Within Germany Part 1: Kaiserslautern Housing Brief & Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Screening

5. Moving Within Germany Part 2: Vogelweh Housing Offers

6. Moving Within Germany Part 3: Closing Out of Heidelberg as a NAF (Nonappropriated Fund) Employee

7. Moving Within Germany Part 4: Packing Day in Heidelberg

8. Moving Within Germany Part 5: Moving Day to Kaiserslautern

9. Moving Within Germany Part 6: Final Steps & Adjustments in the Move to Kaiserslautern

10. Moving Within Germany Part 7: Things I Love About the New Apartment on Vogelweh Family Housing in Kaiserslautern 

11. Getting an International Driver’s License  (Internationaler Führerschein) in Germany with a USAREUR license

12. Round Two of Receiving & Giving the Liebster Blog Award

13. Cappuccino Rice Crispy Treats

14. Visiting Author: Clare Dunkle

15. Christmas Eve & Christmas Day 

16. M&M Cookies

17. Spotlight on Childfree Books: I’m Okay; You’re a Brat

18. Exploring Happiness: What is It? What Makes One Happy? & Happiness Quotes

19. (Updated) 10 Tips From a  Former Caregiver for Parents With Children in Daycare

20. Learning from Music Videos: English Songs With German Translations of the Lyrics

21. The 10 Best Posts of 2014

22. Looking Back at 2014 Accomplishments & Ahead at 2015 Goals

23. Run it Up the Flagpole…Day: The Childfree Friday Link Party [My Post: Why Talk (or Write) About Being Childfree?]

24. How I Come Up with Blog Ideas

25. Trivia Day: 5 Fun Facts & 1 Fact That Changed from Braniac Plus 5 Random Facts About Germany

26. A Slice of American-Tasting Pizza in Germany: Pizza Attack 

27. 5 American Products I Discovered in Germany II

28. Learning from Music Videos: French Versions of Disney Songs

29. Spotlight on Childfree Books: Why Don’t You Have Kids? Living a Full Life Without Parenthood.

And this post is 30. If you’d like to join in the fun, just go to this post and add your name and email address to the appropriate box to sign up for this free 30 day blog challenge. Happy blogging, and thanks for reading!

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7 Thoughts on “30 Day Blog Challenge Review & Recap

  1. Well done!!! Will you go for a second round?

    • Thank you! I might at some point. Right now I’m doing it for my other blog and don’t think I’ll have the time to commit to doing a daily post for both when I get back to my internship next week.

  2. Wow! I have to do something like this!

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