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Looking for Spring Date Ideas?

Spring Date collage from Simple Moments Stick. The bottom right picture comes from my contribution.

Susannah of Simple Moments Stick kicked off spring with a collaboration in which she gathered over two dozen spring date ideas from around the blogosphere. Number 14: Do a Photoshoot of Your City comes from my post about when my husband and I went back up to the Philosphenweg (Philosophers’ Way) in Heidelberg on Memorial Day.

Charlene takes us back to my home state of Ohio with a date at the Columbus Zoo in number 15: Go to the Zoo. I remember going on a couple of trips to that zoo as a kid. If you ever happen to be in Toledo, the city where I grew up, the zoo there is pretty awesome as well. One of these days I should do a throwback post on the time I got to do a behind the scenes tour there. Although I haven’t managed to get to the Kaiserslautern Zoo yet (perhaps a thing to add to my own list of spring date ideas), I did go to zoo in Cologne while my husband was at Games Day.

In 21: Walk the Waterfront Elena shows us some of her favorite spots in and near Portland including Portland’s Waterfront and Ecola State Park, which has a beach and is about two hours away. Although I love living in Germany, and we had fun walking along the Neckar in Heidelberg, I also kind of miss when we could have a date on the beach.

For number 29: Check Out a Castle, Ashley shows us Neuschwanstein Castle. Somehow, after over three years in Germany, I still haven’t been there. I have been to a few others though. If you happen to be near Heidelberg and heading up the the Philosophenweg, you can also check out the castle, from which you can get a nice view over the city. Nearby in Schwetzingen, the palace offers a tour that includes both the castle and garden. Or you can go just to the garden, which my husband and I both enjoyed more than the castle itself and which would make a lovely scene for a spring date.

For more spring date ideas be sure to check out the the collaboration HERE. If you want to participate in future collaborations with Susannah, she tells you how at the bottom of her post. Happy spring!

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