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Still More Contributions to Germany Ja!

Bumper sticker I received from Germany Ja.

I’ve posted about previous batches of contributions to Germany Ja here and here. Today I’ll tell you about more of my contributions over the last couple of years. One was written just for Germany Ja while others originally appeared on this blog, and some are a bit of a combination:

On Base Housing: Vogelweh Air Base was written for Germany Ja and was posted July 24, 2013. This post contains answers to many questions about living in this housing area of Kaiserslautern. This was my 10th post on Germany Ja, after which I got to be on their about page.

The Chocolate Museum (Schokoladenmuseum) was posted August 26th, 2013 and talks about my trip to the Chocolate Museum in Cologne. It was originally posted here as Cologne Part 3: The Chocolate Museum (Schokoladen Museum) and was modified for Germany Ja to include some updated info such as admission times and ticket prices.

Getting an American Tourist Passport in Germany was posted September 11th, 2013. It was originally posted here as Getting a Tourist Passport While Living in Germany but was modified slightly for Germany Ja to remove references to future posts that appear on this blog.

Shipping Your Car (POV) to Germany was posted July 23, 2014 was written for Germany Ja using some of the information pulled from posts I made on this blog (here and here). Someone from Germany Ja had seen these and asked me to put those together into one post talking about how it went and some tips for others doing similar. While I liked my original posts for this blog since they discussed my experiences in the order things happened, I think this post will be more useful for those who’ll be shipping a car since it’s more condensed; everything is in the order it needs to be done in; and I was able to set it up such that I could tell readers to skip the next section (or two) if it did not apply to them.

Receiving Your Car (POV) in Germany was posted July 25th, 2014 and is another one that was written for Germany Ja using information pulled from posts I made on this blog (here and here) as well as including some updated information such as the sites that need to be used for the USAREUR license in the Kaiserslautern area (we got ours in Heidelberg) and new information for the safety inspection that had literally just come out. (In case you don’t read my post, at least take note that it is now the law to have an orange, yellow, or red reflective vest in the car).

Learning German With FluentU was posted August 4th, 2014. I had originally posted about FluentU here, but wrote a separate, shorter article using some of the same information for Germany Ja.

Germany Ja is part of the “Overseas Yes” series designed to help those who get orders overseas to go from saying “Overseas Yikes!” to “Overseas Yes!”. The other sites are Okinawa HaiKorea Ye and, the newest addition, Turkey Tamam! Each site contains information in the categories to do, to eat, to learn, to live, to shop, to travel, and to parent. If you are or have been stationed in any of these countries and would like to share your experiences in one or more of these areas, go to your chosen site and click on the “Writers Wanted” tab at the top of the page.

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  1. I came to have a nose, because I spent 6 years in Germany as a child. My dad was in the RAF and I have some lovely memories.

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