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More French Terms and Phrases

Montreux Lake Geneva Shoreline

View of some of Montreux from the shore of Lake Geneva.

When I first posted about French terms and phrases, I had recently been in Strasbourg. I didn’t plan to devote a lot of time to learning French since I didn’t know how often I’d be in France. But I’ve seen been to France a couple more times and to cities in Switzerland where French is the predominant language. Even with what little French I know, I felt almost completely lost when people spoke to me in those locations (though fortunately finding people who spoke English was not difficult in any area).  So I thought I’d find out and discuss a few more phrases.

Où se trouve.? (Where is…?/How do you find?) and Ou sont les toilettes (Where is the rest room?). I learned these phrases from friends. Although they seem useful on the surface, I suspect I’d run into the same problem as with asking these things in French as I would in German, which is that I may not know enough of the language to understand the directions given.

De rien (You’re welcome…) I figured this out from context since a friend said it after I said “merci” (thank you). I have since learned that this is informal. In more formal situations one would say Je vows en prei which can also be used to tell someone “Go ahead” or “after you”.

Pardon is a phrase I used a few times when pushing through crowds, and I learned that is the correct thing to say. If I had done something I needed to apologize for though, it would be correct to say “Je suis désolé(e)” (I’m sorry).

Comment est-ce que vous vous appelez? (What is your name?) Knowing this would have been helpful when I had to ask the tour guide for the Chocolate Train I was getting on what his name is. Of course then Je m’appelle (My name is…) also would have been helpful.

Allons-y (Let’s go). I figured this out from context from its use in Doctor Who. I’m not sure how common it is, but I like it.

Have you been somewhere French is spoken? If so, let me know where and what terms and phrase(s) you think are most useful.

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