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30 Day Blogging Challenge Round 2: Day 9 Recap

Time flies when you’re having fun. One day I decided to rest before a trip thinking I could knock out my next post when I got back, and here I am two weeks later after trips to Venice, Berlin, and several cities in Switzerland, finally ready to post again. I still have many places to write about before I get to sharing about where I’ve been recently, and I’m excited to tell you about all of them soon. For today, I’ll recap the first eight posts I made in a 30 day blogging challenge before falling behind. This is round two of the blogging challenge I completed earlier this year. I also just wrapped up a round of the challenge on my other blog, Investing in Fitness, so if you’re interested you can catch up on those posts here.

LGBTLoveMarriageDay 1: Celebrating LGBT+ Love & Marriage Equality

When I first wrote this post, I just had something to say and was happy to have this as the first post I had made in awhile. After posting, I decided I’d take on the blogging challenge again and make this the first post. In it, I discussed and celebrated Obergefell v. Hodges, the case in which the Supreme Court decided that same sex marriages are protected under the 14th Amendment. I also discussed and countered some of the commentary I had seen surrounding the decision, including some of the Bible passages often thrown around by people who don’t agree with same sex marriage.

Day 2: Blog Tour: Feng Shui for Writers by M.C. Simon

Before this post, I had never done a book blog tour. When M.C. Simon asked me to host one for her new book Feng Shui for Writers, I was intrigued and of course said “yes”. In this post, you can learn more about the book and the author and read an excerpt. At the time of posting, you could also enter to win one of 10 free copies, but the raffle has since ended. Congratulations to the winners! If you’re interested in reading the book, you can get a copy at one of several Amazon sites, listed in the post.

Day 3: Spotlight on Childfree Books: Pride and Joy: The Lives and Passions of Women Without Children

There isn’t a lot of childfree-related literature out there, so I like to feature the ones I’ve read in Spotlight on Childfree Books. Pride and Joy is a collection of 25 interviews with women who have chosen not to have children. In this post, I discussed the book briefly and shared some of the quotes I could relate to. Day 7’s post is also a Spotlight on Childfree Books post.

Day 4: Still More Contributions to Germany Ja!

Germany Ja is a website for people who have been assigned overseas in Germany. I have contributed several articles, some of which were written just for Germany Ja, some of which appeared previously here on Embracing Adventure, and some of which were condensed versions of information found across several posts on this blog. This is a recap of my third set of Germany Ja contributions, which included an interview about on base housing on Vogelweh.

Montreux Lake Geneva Shoreline

Along the Lake Geneva shoreline in Montreux, Switzerland

Day 5: More French Terms and Phrases

Since I’m not often in France, I haven’t spent a lot of time learning French, although I have posted once before about French terms and phrases. After being in Switzerland a couple of times and finding out that French would have been quite useful there as well, I decided to post a few more terms and phrases I thought might have been useful to know.

Day 6: Getting Screened at the Army Wellness Center & Treated for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Soldiers and their dependents can utilize the Army Wellness Center, which can assist with weight management (including metabolic testing to assess caloric needs), provide fitness assessments (flexibility, muscular strength, cardio-respiratory fitness levels, and body composition), and help with healthy nutrition. In this post, I discuss my experience getting screened there as well as being treated for hypertension. If you’re interested in health and fitness-related posts, be sure to check out my other blog Investing in Fitness.

Day 7: Spotlight on Childfree Books: Eat, Pray, Love

Although childfreedom is not a main topic of Eat, Pray, Love the author does discuss deciding not to have children, so I’ve included it in my Spotlight on Childfree Books. In this post, I briefly talk about the book and share a couple of the childfree-related quotes from the book. The next childfree book I’ll be discussing in Spotlight on Childfree Books is Nicki Defago’s Childfree and Loving It, so stay tuned for that.

Day 8: Learning From Music Videos: German Versions of Disney Songs 2

I’ve posted German versions of Disney songs before, as well as French versions of Disney songs. In this post I share 5 more German versions of Disney songs as well as a playlist of all the German versions of Disney songs I’ve gathered so far, for those who might prefer to watch them all at once. Music is one of my favorite ways to learn German and practice testing my comprehension, so look for more music and language-related posts in the future, including song translations.

What’s next?

In upcoming posts, you’ll get to read about exploring a defunct NATO bunker, my experience participating in a hypnotherapy seminar, a return trip to Luxembourg, the day children’s author Michael Shoulders visited the school I was subbing at, getting to go inside a C-47 that dropped Allied troops over Normandy, and more! Make sure you never miss out on another adventure by entering your email in the subscribe box to the right. Mach’s gut!


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