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5 Places to Find Calls For Fiction and Poetry Submissions

5 Places to Find Calls for Fiction and Poetry Submissions

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Whether you write fiction, poetry, or creative non fiction, there are many places you can look for potential homes for your creative writing work. Literary journals and online magazines often release calls for submissions in which they let you know what they like to publish, if there’s a theme for the issue or journal in general, when you need to submit by and what, if anything, they pay. Payment may be monetary but is often for the love or a few copies. So, if your eye is on the financial prize, you may want to check out my post on writing contests.

Below, you’ll find several of the places I’ve used to find calls for fiction and poetry submissions. If you’re interested in seeing where I’ve had creative writing published, you can find my fiction publications here and my poetry publications here


1. New Pages Classifieds: Calls for Submissions
I told you about New Pages in the contest post, but this is the part of New Pages I use most often. They update frequently with the date each update was posted in red above the batch of posts from that day. They actually just posted an update today, August 12th. You’ll find a headline, submission deadline, information about the publication and what they’re looking for, and usually a link to click for further guidelines.

2. Places for Writers
I told you about Places for Writers last time too for contests, but this link is dedicated to calls. This page usually updates once or twice a month. The most recent as of this posting was July 28th. The site requires that the journals be open to Canadian citizens, and some are only open to Canadians, but many are open to U.S. writers, and sometimes to writers in other nations as well. You’ll find a title, the date of posting, and information about the publication and what it’s looking for including a deadline and usually a link for guidelines.

3. Poets & Writers Classifieds
Poets & Writers has a classifieds section which includes calls for manuscripts in different tabs (anthologies, books, chapbooks, and magazines). You can also use the page to look for jobs, residencies, workshops, and more. The page is updated bimonthly. The current post as of today is for July/August 2015.

4. No Fee Calls for Submission: Trish Hopkinson
Author Trish Hopkinson lists calls for submissions from specific publications, with a focus on those that do not charge a reading fee. When she lists a paying market, she notes it in the title. She lists the publication, deadline, submission fee, notes, forms accepted, payment, and link to the publication’s Duotrope page. Her website in general is updated daily, but calls for submissions in particular are posted as she finds them and sometimes grouped together.

5. The Poetry Kit
This one is pretty sparse compared to the others so I don’t check it as often. However, I have found calls for international journals that I didn’t see anywhere else on this list, so it’s worth keeping in mind to at least check once in awhile. Calls here are organized by deadline, with ongoing ones listed first followed by the soonest deadline. After that you’ll find the title of the publication and any information the publisher chose to include, which various but often includes either an email address or link to reach the publisher or get further information.

Have a favorite place to find calls for fiction and poetry submission? Let me know below. 

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4 Thoughts on “5 Places to Find Calls For Fiction and Poetry Submissions

  1. What a great resource. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    trenna recently posted…What if happiness is a skill?My Profile

  2. I just came across this! Thanks so much for sharing my page. I post daily, but not always a submission call. I post those as I come across them and sometimes group them together.
    Trish Hopkinson recently posted…Poetry prompts that inspire + submission call–Terrain.org, DEADLINE: May 30, 2016My Profile

    • You’re welcome. With frequency, I was just referring to how often there appeared to be updates about calls for submissions at the time I had made the post, but I can update the info.

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