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I’m Back (Again) with an Update and a Recovery-Related ABC of Gratitude

When I last posted, I didn’t intend that my next post wouldn’t go up until about 4 and half months later, but here we are. Since there have been a couple of changes for me professionally in the last few months, I realized there was a change I neglected to share the last time, and Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I thought I would update about those things and share an ABC of Gratitude.

Cropped image of my LCDC license. Links to one of my Instagram accounts @investinginfitness

Last time I posted, I was working at a substance abuse felony punishment facility as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern (LCDC-I). Recently my full licensure came through, and I became a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). Last month, I started a new job as a substance abuse counselor in an intensive outpatient substance use disorder treatment program of a local community service organization where I work with both adults and adolescents. Although there are many things to be grateful for about this opportunity, perhaps the one most relevant to my blog readers is that I have a 4 day work week, so I have a little extra time for adventures and writing about them. I’m also grateful that I work in a field in which my past experience with substance use and present sobriety are both seen as positives from which I can help others.

Collage from my 2.5 year mark. You can read about that day if you follow the image link to my @embracingadventure Instagram.

Speaking of sobriety, about 10 days ago I hit 2.5 years sober, which actually kind of snuck up on me, and I realized I’d neglected to even mention in my previous post that I had decided to stop drinking about 6 months before leaving Germany. In Germany, I’d been part of a couple of self help groups but had made excuses why not to get involved who I got back to the States. Considering that my 2.5 year mark coincided with a  local meeting although with a different group than I was used to, I decided that was a good time to get back into the recovery community, especially considering that I had come close to drinking (which also could have lead to other substance use) a couple months prior. They were kind enough to let me pick up a belated 2 year chip and key tag. I’ve been making more of an effort lately to be open with friends about some of those things that it’s not usually seen as “acceptable” to talk about but which I’ve found can be life changing or even life saving if the right person hears or reads it, including substance use, and I’d like to bring more of that openness here as well.

In the spirit of openness and of thankfulness, I decided to share a recovery-oriented ABC of Gratitude. I encourage you to try an ABC of Gratitude on your own with either a specific or a general focus. If you need more ideas you can see past ones I’ve done here and here and I’ll be touching on the idea again in the next post in which I’ll be focusing on gratitude in general.

Recovery-Related ABC of Gratitude 

AA for helping me reach my first 6 months of sobriety and welcoming me back a couple years later

Big Book for relatable material (especially They Stopped in Time)

Belated 2 year AA coin. You can read more about the day I got them if you follow the link to @embracingadventure on Instagram.

Coins–a way of celebrating and a reminder of what’s at stake

Drug tests don’t scare me anymore

Eating meetings less for the food (though it’s awesome) but more for the speakers

Friends supportive of recovery

Germany–A lot of what happened there has to do with where I am today

Higher Power, because I know me still being sober wasn’t all me

I don’t have to do it alone

Just for Today readings being what I need to hear

Keep coming back

Lessons learned

Meetings (and meetings after the meetings)

NA for putting all drugs on equal ground and welcoming me

Opportunities that exist in part due to still being sober

Progress not perfection

Quitting being a positive thing

Recovery–being in it is better than before it

Sobriety counter for when I need a reminder of how far I’ve come

Tolerance being part of how I realized I had a problem

Understanding rom others who have been there (or at least in the same shoe store if not the same shoes)

Vomiting only happens now when I’m sick

Working in the substance use disorder treatment field

X-tra time to do things because I’m not spending whole nights drunk or high and the next day or so hungover

Yet doesn’t have to happen (meaning the things that hadn’t happened “yet” like getting a DUI, getting arrested, etc.)

Zest for life and adventure unclouded by substances


What’s new in your life and/or what are you grateful about today (in an ABC format or otherwise)? Feel free to share in the comments.



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