Embracing Adventure “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” ~~Hellen Keller

Embracing Adventure

Embracing Adventure Blog ButtonOriginally called Overseas Adventures, this blog began in October 2011 as a way to share my experiences living in Germany and traveling in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, as well as to document some of the process of moving overseas on military orders. Later, I also wrote about moving within Germanylearning languages, going to grad schoolliving childfree, recipes, and more.

Since I knew I would not always be overseas but would want to keep blogging, and would always be seeking adventure, I changed the name to Embracing Adventure in December of 2013. I currently live in Texas and will be posting about my life and travels in this area soon. I hope you’ll join me in my adventures!

Note: Although, I hope that this blog can serve as a source of information in addition to entertainment, if you use this blog as a resource, please use it as one of many. Anything contained in this blog is only my personal experience and/or opinion. Others’ experiences and perspectives regarding similar situations may differ.


6 Thoughts on “Embracing Adventure

  1. Wow! Heidelberg is FUN, you’ll have some great times, I just know!
    All the best to your adventures abroad and hope you will make the best of it, Amanda! Cheers from New York, I myself have lived in Heidelberg for over 2 and a half years…

  2. Hi Amanda! I’m living in Bamberg, Germany. I’m an army wife too and I also did Nanowrimo (and won!) it would have been awesome to know another person in Germany doing it! Congrats and hope you are enjoying your time here!

  3. Hey Amanda, I just started my own blog about living in PHV and discovered yours in the process. The difference is that mine are childhood memories of living there in the late 70s/early 80s! 🙂 Would be interested to hear how PHV/Heidelberg today differs (or doesn’t) from what I recall. Following your blog, curious to see where it takes you next! You can find mine at http://patrickhenryvillage.wordpress.com.

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