Embracing Adventure “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” ~~Hellen Keller

The Author

AmandaI’m Amanda. I love to have adventures: seeing new places, trying new things. Even the seemingly mundane can be an adventure with the right mindset. Some of the things I spend a fair bit of time on are writing, reading, trying new recipes, taking a ridiculous amount of pictures (see some of my favorites here), and quilling (see some of my work on my Facebook Artist Page).

Originally from Ohio, I moved to Florida after college and had intended to stay there. A few years I ended up in Georgia (briefly) and then Germany. I spent four years in Germany, first in Heidelberg, then in Kaiserslautern. Then I moved to Texas. I currently live in Marble Falls in the Hill Country. I have two rambunctious dogs: Gir (a Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and Apollo (a Miniature Pinscher).

I have an MA in counseling psychology and a BFA in creative writing. I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. In addition to this blog, I keep a fitness blog at Investing in Fitness and have written guest posts for several other blogs. I also write fiction and poetry, and my work has been published in The Burden of Light (the proceeds for which go to The National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance), Two-Thirds North,  The Montreal Review, and elsewhere. My story “If I Should Die” was the grand prize winner in Evolved Publishing‘s first short story contest and is featured as the first story in the anthology Evolution Vol. 1. You can access more of my work and keep updated about upcoming publications on my website.


8 Thoughts on “The Author

  1. Sounds like you already have an upwards writing career! 🙂

  2. Hi, i like your blog very much.. i assume that you are very much into adventures and stuff.. 🙂
    you will also like my post http://www.techenlife.com/?p=802 ( visit to killer mountain.. the nanga parbat )

    looking for feedback 🙂

  3. Hi Amanda, I just happened upon your blog and enjoyed reading some of your posts. I’m a former Army brat living in Germany permanently now. Just thought I’d say hello and hope you enjoy your stay in Germany! Have fun seeing all the great places here! I saw your list of places you would like to see and I can tell you that Hohenzollern castle, Rothenburg o.d.T., Burg Lichtenstein, Straßbourg are well worth it! Some other great places you might want to visit are (not in any order): Colmar, France; the Wartburg in Eisenach; Dinkelsbühl (near Rothenburg); Trier (the oldest German town). Those are just a few. I’ve blogged about a few, but I usually just post images (if you’re interested there on my blog under “escapes”). Your’s are very detailed and I really enjoyed them.

    • Hello! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed some of my posts. I am loving Germany and will probably be sad when we leave especially as I think we will probably not get everywhere we want to see. Thanks for the recommendations. Some are already on my list and I added the rest. I also checked out some of your Escapes and think I’ll need to add Bodensee. I also went to add Berchtesgaden and realized I already had it on my list.

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