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Summer Reading, Had Me a Blast

adult summer reading program prizes

Last summer, the U. S. Air Force Europe Library had a summer reading program for adults, and I decided to sign up. The theme of the program was Paws to Read, which I thought was pretty cute. For each book I read and reviewed between the opening date in June and the Read more →

Funny You Should Ask 2: Questions Asked in Search Terms on Getting Mail in Germany & Cake in a Jar


Today is the 300th post on Embracing Adventure! For post 100 and post 200, I shared some of the interesting search terms that have brought people to this blog. This time, I thought I’d mark the occasion by sharing answers to some of the questions I’ve gotten (often multiple times) in Read more →

Some Italian Words and Phrases

Some Italian Words & Phrases Venice Gondola Scene

I’ve thought for awhile that I should eventually try to pick up some Italian. I had initially studied German because of my heritage, and I also have Italian heritage. However, I hadn’t done so by the time I went on a trip to Venice. I knew a few Italian words and phrases: Ciao Read more →

Spotlight on Childfree Books: Childfree and Loving It!

As if on cue, when I cracked open Childfree and Loving It! by Nicki Defago, the baby in the apartment above me began screaming. Ah, thanks for yet another reminder why I don’t want children. This book is full of reasons you may have thought of for not having children and Read more →

My First Trip to Wiesbaden & Eating at Enchilada

Enchilada to Garage

Misadventures in Getting There When we moved to Kaiserslautern, most of the people I knew moved to Wiesbaden. I didn’t see any of them for several months. Then, a friend and former coworker who lived there asked me to come to a birthday dinner at Enchilada, a Mexican restaurant, so I did. Read more →

30 Day Blogging Challenge Round 2: Day 9 Recap

Time flies when you’re having fun. One day I decided to rest before a trip thinking I could knock out my next post when I got back, and here I am two weeks later after trips to Venice, Berlin, and several cities in Switzerland, finally ready to post again. I Read more →

Learning From Music Videos: German Versions of Disney Songs 2

Since I was recently in Disneyland Paris, saw Confessions of a Retired Disney Princess yesterday, and had been in a mood to listen to Disney songs the last couple of days, I thought I’d share five more German versions of Disney songs. I find them to be a fun way to Read more →

Spotlight on Childfree Books: Eat, Pray, Love

I first picked up Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love over a year before I read it, but I don’t think I could have started reading it at a better time in my life. I had recently decided that I didn’t want kids and was surprised and then delighted to find, a Read more →

Getting Screened at the Army Wellness Center & Treated for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Since my blood pressure had been high the last few times I had been at a doctor, hypertension (high blood pressure) runs in my family, and multiple family members have had strokes, including an aunt who passed away at an age younger than I was at the time, my husband Read more →

More French Terms and Phrases

Montreux Lake Geneva Shoreline

When I first posted about French terms and phrases, I had recently been in Strasbourg. I didn’t plan to devote a lot of time to learning French since I didn’t know how often I’d be in France. But I’ve seen been to France a couple more times and to cities Read more →

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