Embracing Adventure "It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves, in finding themselves." ~~~Andre Gide

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Interview for MultiCOOLty

Awhile back, I was contacted by the founder of MultiCOOLty, a journalistic project that showcases the multicultural community in Germany, and asked to share my experiences in Germany by answering a series of questions. Last month I finally managed to finish all my answers, and my story was posted today. Read more →

Accent Vlog: How I Say Things

Today I’m doing an accent vlog with Allieology, Cause Ya Gotta Have Faith, The Other Juliette, and The Wife in Training. I’m originally from Toledo, Ohio, so most of the way I say things is influenced by that. I’ll post the video first with a few comments below it and Read more →

Blog Every Day in July Days 20, 23, & 24

I recently got to go on a discovery flight. Look at all those knobs and twiddly bits you have to be able to see to fly the plane (and of course the view is one of the main appeals of flying).

I hope you all enjoyed my Spain series. I have some more adventures in Germany to tell you about in upcoming posts, but first I thought I’d take a break and do a few of the prompts I missed from the Blog Every Day in July challenge with Cause Ya Read more →

99 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Part 4 (Questions 31-40)

When I saw that Martha of I’d Rather Be Reading was posting answers to thought provoking questions, it reminded me that I still hadn’t finished posting the answers to the questions that I’d gotten from Katrin of Land of Candy Canes for 99 Questions You Should Ask Yourself. Rather than Read more →

Blog Every Day in July Days 6, 7, 10 & 11


I’m back with a few more responses to the Blog Every Day in July Challenge with Cause Ya Gotta Have Faith, Allieology, and The Other Juliette. In an effort to catch up and because I just didn’t have much to say on the topics, I’m going to skip Day 8 Read more →

Blog Every Day in July: Days 4 & 5

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 11.17.00 PM

Continuing on with trying to catch up in the Blog Every Day in July Challenge with Cause Ya Gotta Have Faith, Allieology, and The Other Juliette, today I’ll be posting regarding the topics for days 4, and 5: America and superpowers. Day 4: America I actually blogged on Independence Day, Read more →

Blog Every Day in July Challenge: Days 1 & 3

The left side of Nyhavn. That red house is where Hans Christian Anderson used to live.

I just found out about the Blog Every Day in July challenge by Cause Ya Gotta Have Faith, Allieology, and The Other Juliette from Martha at I’d Rather Be Reading. Although it won’t be quite on the right days, I am going to try to catch up doing a couple Read more →

8 Songs to Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Today, Toni at One Chocolate Box is asking for people to share their favorite feel good songs and movies as part of The New Year Project. I’m one of those people that can be cheered up by a variety of different songs, depending on what I’m in the mood to Read more →

Things That Make Me Happy

It seems like just yesterday I was posting about the new year, and we’re already midway through January. A new semester starts for me today, so I’ll be back to trying to squeeze in blog posts between reading assignments and papers. Today I am participating in Toni’s The New Year Read more →

A Look Ahead At 2014

This is the third time I’ve rung in the new year in Germany. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like like we’ve been here that long. Other times, it feels like we’ve been here longer. Time is weird like that, I guess. Every day has the same number of hours, and yet Read more →