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Blog posts I’ve written and interview type questions I’ve answered for other blogs.

Still More Contributions to Germany Ja!

I’ve posted about previous batches of contributions to Germany Ja here and here. Today I’ll tell you about more of my contributions over the last couple of years. One was written just for Germany Ja while others originally appeared on this blog, and some are a bit of a combination: On Read more →

Interview for MultiCOOLty

Awhile back, I was contacted by the founder of MultiCOOLty, a journalistic project that showcases the multicultural community in Germany, and asked to share my experiences in Germany by answering a series of questions. Last month I finally managed to finish all my answers, and my story was posted today. Read more →

Guest Post on Ech & Will: Cake in a Jar for Care Packages

The holidays are fast approaching. If you’re looking for a baked good that will keep across distances, you may want to consider cake in a jar. Yesterday Ech & Will posted my guest post on making Cake in a Jar, which originally appeared here. [Note:If you know someone using an Read more →

My First Post on Fantasy Rantz

My first post to the blog Fantasy Rantz appeared today under the pen name Phoenix Phyre. It was inspired by a conversation referenced in one of WaterRaven’s posts regarding why vampires have gotten sexy and zombies haven’t. Recently, there was an example of what one might deem to be a Read more →

More Contributions to Germany Ja!

I’ve made a few more contributions to  Germany Ja since my last set and wanted to post about them. These have all appeared in some form on this blog before, but I have other posts coming up which will be new. Visiting a German Dermatologist was posted January 28th. This post Read more →

Contributions to Germany Ja

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a few posts published on Germany Ja and wanted to highlight them as well as tell you a bit about Germany Ja and other “Overseas Yes” sites. The “Overseas Yes” series started with Okinawa Hai. Then Germany Ja was added followed by Korea Ye. Read more →

Guest Post Exchange With Katrin: What We Miss in Germany and the United States

I’d like to welcome back Katrin from Land of Candy Canes for another guest post exchange. Katrin is originally from Germany and currently lives in Ohio. Last time, she told us about the things she enjoys about living in Ohio and the United Statess. Today, she’ll tell us about the Read more →

Guest Post Exchange with Katrin: What We Love in the United States and Germany

I’d like to introduce you to Katrin from Land of Candy Canes, my first ever guest poster on Overseas Adventures. Katrin is a German who currently lives in Ohio. I am originally from Ohio and currently live in Germany. So, I thought it would be fun to do an exchange Read more →

Guest Post on Heidelberg for Oaxacaborn’s Summer Vacation Tour

If you’re in need of a vacation, but taking off on one isn’t practical right now, Gina at Oaxacaborn hosts the Summer Vacation Tour where you can virtually visit places around the world. Today you can travel with me to Heidelberg where I’ll share my top favorite things to love Read more →

Interview for the Military Monday Duty Station Feature on Handling With Grace

Handling With Grace hosts Military Monday, a duty station feature that allows military families to meet fellow military spouses and learn about duty stations across the world. Today my answers to questions about Heidelberg were posted where I shared my favorite restaurant here, my favorite things to do in the Read more →

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