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Life on the Army post in Heidelberg (mostly on Patrick Henry Village where we lived).

Getting the Job Offer for Child & Youth Program Assistant

Last month, I told you about interviewing for the position of Child Youth Program Assistant at the Child Development Center. Today I’ll tell you about getting offered the position. When I’d interviewed, the program director had said he’d make his decision by the following Wednesday. When that came and went, Read more →

4th of July Fireworks at Patrick Henry Village & Info About Some Events Going On This Year

It’s time to tell you about last year’s 4th of July (and some events going on this year). Yep, I’m officially a year behind, but the way events were spaced out toward the end of 2012, I should actually be able to catch up to this year in a couple months Read more →

Interviewing for Child & Youth Program Assistant (Child Development Center)

I said awhile ago it would probably be after I stopped working at the daycare that I would end up posting about it. And today was actually my last working day, although I have some leave after this. So I’ll finally tell you about interviewing for the position of Child Read more →

Some Favorite German Products II

A year ago today, I posted Some Favorite German Products. Since then, that post has been viewed over 2500 times, so I decided to do another post of more German products I and/or my husband use and enjoy. This time I’ll tell you about a couple of breads, a couple Read more →

Interviewing for Educational Aid (Special Education Aid)

After about three months of applying to jobs, I finally got an interview offer in February for Special Education Aid at one of the two elementary schools on post. The Assistant Principal emailed me to ask if I was interested in the position and indicated I should call if so. I Read more →

Applying to Jobs in Germany as a Military Spouse

When you’re a military spouse applying to jobs in Germany, pretty much the only option is to work on post due to the SOFA agreement. This doesn’t mean you can’t find a job. But it does mean that jobs opportunities are a little more limited than in the States, it Read more →

What Makes Doing Laundry Exciting? Not Being Able To.

When we moved in to our apartment, it included a washer and dryer. The trouble started with the dryer. It had always taken a long time to dry things, a normal cycle being 2 hrs and not always enough. But then it started taking at least three cycles to dry Read more →

Keeping Busy for Three Weeks

At the end of February through the first part of March, my husband was away for three weeks of training. While he’d left the car here, I didn’t have a license to drive in this country. The shuttle only ran a few times a day, which meant if I went Read more →

Getting the Dogs Registered on Post and Getting Apollo Neutered

When we got the dogs’ international health certificates, we also had a tumor checked on Apollo and were told to have it taken off for testing if it didn’t go down on its own. By the time we’d been in Germany about ten days, it hadn’t changed. Apollo was also constantly Read more →

My Birthday Weekend Part 1: Birthday Beginning & a New Memory Card

My birthday was January 13th which happened to be Friday the 13th this year. (That’s right–I’m *finally* writing about this year!) It started off at midnight with me burning my crab rangoon and my tongue, so I decided not to cook anymore that day. My husband had originally planned to Read more →

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