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Life on the Army post in Heidelberg (mostly on Patrick Henry Village where we lived).

Our First Christmas in Germany and Making My First Turkey (Includes the Recipe)

Since we had just gotten our household goods a few days before Christmas, I was not sure how much of a holiday we would have or what we would do. We bought a little turkey, just under 4 pounds, a couple of days before Christmas. I searched for recipes online Read more →

Sampling German Schnaps

My husband received a set of five German Schnaps as a gift around Christmas time. They came in a variety of flavors with a range of alcohol content from 16 to 38%. Since my husband prefers beer, and I prefer liquor, it fell to me to sample them a couple Read more →

What I Gained From Losing Everything On My USB Drive

I am an optimist at heart. I believe there is a bright side to almost everything in life and that the sun can shine even when it’s raining. Even things that are initially a negative tend to lead to things that work out better for me in the long run. Read more →

Losing Everything On My USB Drive

From the time we moved out of our apartment in Savannah to when we got our household goods in Germany, I kept all the files I needed on a USB drive. I’d backed up what I had before moving, but the USB drive was all I saved to during the Read more →

Some Favorite German Products

One of the cool things about living in Germany is the chance to try different products I may not have been exposed to otherwise. I can even get many of the German items I like in the commissary on post. I had planned to post about this a little later, Read more →

Receiving Mail In Germany With an Army Post Office (APO) Box

I started planning how to get our mail with as little interruption as possible early in the moving process. Before my passport appointment I checked with the post office about holding our mail and was told I could hold it until we had the new address and then have it Read more →

Getting Our Household Goods

The delivery men finally showed up around three. Similar to when the household goods were loaded, there were three guys, one who seemed to be the leader and two others. The leader laid out the inventory list and asked me to check off the box numbers as they came in. Read more →

Waiting for Household Goods & the First Snow of the Season

Our household goods were scheduled to come on December 20th, just in time to be inundated with boxes for Christmas. That day, I’d woken up around 5 am, and snow was steadily falling. This was the first real snow of the season. (I don’t count the day before because it Read more →

German Culture Class Day 3 Part 2

Now, for the random tidbits in class: The teacher briefly mentioned the Bad (spa) which is where one can go for healthy water and pure air as well as pampering. One thing I found surprising was that even children get facials in Germany. She also briefly talked about buying meat. Read more →

German Culture Class Day 3 Part 1

In our third day of German culture class we covered a few topics. The main focus was  public transportation, so I’ll discuss that in Part 1 and the rest in Part 2. Heidelberg has three kinds of public transportation, the Straßenbahn (tram),  S-bahn (suburban train), and Bus. The Buses are Read more →

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