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Exploring the city we lived in

Hakim’s Imbiss und Steakhaus

Before we went to Hakim’s Imbiss und Steakhaus, my husband said we were going to go to a “hole in the wall” place he knows. When we got there, I could see why he called it that, but wasn’t sure it even qualified because the dining part had plastic tarp Read more →

Getting My Mexican Fix at Chimichanga in Heidelberg

A few days after getting the car fixed, we went to Chimichanga Bar y Cantina Mexicana. I first heard about this place from Toytown Germany and my husband had apparently found out about it the same way. We made plans to go with a couple of his coworkers. The interior had Read more →

Some Favorite German Products II

A year ago today, I posted Some Favorite German Products. Since then, that post has been viewed over 2500 times, so I decided to do another post of more German products I and/or my husband use and enjoy. This time I’ll tell you about a couple of breads, a couple Read more →

Apollo’s First Walk Out in Heidelberg

The week after our anniversary, my husband Tim and I decided to take our min pin Apollo on his first walk out in Heidelberg. (Previously he had only walked on post). We decided to park at the PX and walk along the Neckar. We stopped by some steps near the Read more →

Celebrating Our First Anniversary

When I stopped to think about why I hadn’t managed even one post during the last session of school, I took a look at the number of words I’d written for my class conferences and found out I’d hit almost 21,500 just for one graduate class, which is about as Read more →

Kölle-Zoo Pet Store in Heidelberg

Apollo gets over-excited on walks and pulls ahead. With a collar, he always sounds like he’s having trouble breathing but doesn’t slow down whether we try to give him more or less room to roam. I was worried he’d hurt himself, and he was wearing down the fur at his Read more →

Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) & Pizza Hut on Memorial Day

Since we’d taken the Schlangenweg (winding path) coming down from the Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s Way) on Memorial Day, we came out near the Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) where I wanted to take pictures with me in them for my military installation review for Handling With Grace. My husband first took a Read more →

Return to the Philosophenweg (Philosophers’ Way) on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we spent the day out in Heidelberg. The main goal was to get some pictures for my military installation review for Handling With Grace since I did not have any of me in the city, which had been requested. I planned to get one on the Old Read more →

My First Check Up with a German Doctor

While I’ve been to a doctor who is German before, it was at the clinic on post and they followed American conventions. In mid April, I went to a German doctor on the economy for the first time, which is a bit different. I got authorization to see a dermatologist Read more →

Meeting a Fellow Blogger at Café Gecko

In early April, fellow blogger Laura of German-American Abroad returned to Germany for a visit and invited me to meet up with her at Café Gecko, which would be the first time for both of us meeting someone we knew only from the blogosphere. I had never been to Café Read more →

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