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Exploring the city we lived in

Schützenhaus near Patrick Henry Village

We had heard about Schützenhaus from a friend who found it when he took a wrong turn. We tried to find it on my birthday but after driving for awhile down the street and not seeing it, we thought we were on the wrong street and turned around. On March 17th, we Read more →

My First Thai Food Experience: Baan Thai

I’m almost positive I’d never had Thai food before I came to Germany. I did stop at a Thai restaurant with my husband while we were waiting on an oil change during our trip to Dallas, but I ordered crab rangoon (although I think they called it crab cream cheese). Read more →

My Birthday Weekend Part 2: Dinner at Villa Verdi (now Trattoria Vecchia Bari 2)

The restaurant we randomly found in Sandhausen was called Villa Verdi at the time, but is now called Trattoria Vecchia Bari 2 (there are three). There was only one other couple there who left shortly after we came in, so we had the place to ourselves most of the time. Read more →

The Philosophenweg (Philosophers’ Way)

A couple days after our field trip, we decided to walk up to the Philosophenweg, which we’d previously only seen at a distance. The Philosophenweg is located along the side of the Heiligenberg (Holy Mountain) on the northern side of the Neckar river. Some say it is so-named because philosophers Read more →

German Culture Class Day 4: Field Trip to Ride Public Transportation and Explore Heidelberg’s Altstadt (Old Town)

The day after we learned how to buy tickets for the Bus, S-bahn (city train), Strassenbahn (streetcar/tram), and Bahn (train), we went on a field trip where we would get to ride on all but the regular train as well as explore the Altstadt (old town). We did not have Read more →

German Culture Class Day 3 Part 2

Now, for the random tidbits in class: The teacher briefly mentioned the Bad (spa) which is where one can go for healthy water and pure air as well as pampering. One thing I found surprising was that even children get facials in Germany. She also briefly talked about buying meat. Read more →

German Culture Class Day 3 Part 1

In our third day of German culture class we covered a few topics. The main focus was  public transportation, so I’ll discuss that in Part 1 and the rest in Part 2. Heidelberg has three kinds of public transportation, the Straßenbahn (tram),  S-bahn (suburban train), and Bus. The Buses are Read more →

German Culture Class Day 2 Part 2

Next we talked about shopping in Germany. The teacher had set up a small show and tell with some examples of products. She told us about Rewe, Aldi, Pennymarkt, and Real. You might recognize Aldi from the States. It’s the same chain but one thing they have I never noticed Read more →

German Culture Class Day 2 Part 1

Our second day of German Culture Class was as varied as the first. We covered bicyclists, restaurants, grocery stores (complete with a little show and tell), the Apotheke (similar to a pharmacy in the States), a couple random tips for getting along in Germany, and even a little bit of Read more →

German Culture Class Day 1 Part 2

We learned a few things about Heidelberg such as that the air can be dirty due to the industrial area and the fact Heidelberg sits in a valley, but it is usually only a problem in winter. I have noticed myself that from some of the buildings you can see Read more →

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