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Exploring the city we lived in

German Culture Class Day 1 Part 1

In early December my husband had to attend a German culture class which ran for a few days, and I was allowed to attend with him. [Edit: I later found out this is the “Culture College” run by Army Community Service.] At the beginning of the first class we got Read more →

A Saturday Spent With Friends in Heidelberg’s Altstadt (Old Town)

The Saturday following our first day out in Heidelberg, we decided to go back with a couple of friends. Prior to this my husband had been given a free booklet of attractions and a mini map which folds out in to a large one. We later found out that you Read more →

A Sunday Spent Walking To and Through Heidelberg and Seeing Some Sights

The day after our first Heidelberg outing, we walked to the bus stop that had been pointed out to us to find out a bus wouldn’t be by for another hour. We were hungry and didn’t want to wait that long. I figured since the lady who had driven us Read more →

Wandering Hauptstraße and My First Österreicher Schokolade (Austrian Chocolate)

After Café Rossi, we walked back toward Hauptstraße (Main St.) and wandered, mostly just looking. We stopped in Chocolaterie St. Anna No. 1, which is actually on St. Anna Gasse, a slight right off Hauptstraße if you’re coming from Bismarckplatz (Bismarck Square). The woman inside started telling us something in German Read more →

Our First German Meal at Café Rossi

This travel blog photo’s source is the TravelPod page: Farewell to Heidelberg We ended up picking Café Rossi on Rohrbacher Straße for our first German meal. When we walked in, we did not see a hostess despite that there was what looked like a hostess stand near the door. We watched a Read more →

Getting to Hauptstraße (Main St.) in Heidelberg’s Altstadt (Old Town)

We got to make our first trip out to Heidelberg on November 12th and had decided to go to Hauptstraße (Main St.) in the Altstadt (Old Town). Getting there was an experience in itself. We called the front desk around 3 pm to arrange for a cab. We were told it would Read more →

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