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Cologne Part 9: Love Locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge

After our other exploring on our last day in Cologne, we went up to the Hohenzollern Bridge. The main thing to see up there is the love locks. I’ve read that this tradition started in 2008 with couples putting a padlock on the bridge and throwing the key into the Read more →

Cologne Part 8: Exploring Cologne

On our third and last day in Cologne, we planned walk around and also to go to the Römisch-Germanisches (Roman-Germanic) Museum and the National Socialist Documentation Center. But we found out both were closed on Mondays. So we may make a day trip to Cologne sometime to see those. As Read more →

Cologne Part 7: Some Exploring, Latino Loco, & the Rooftop Terrace

After the zoo, my friend and I wandered back to the festival. I saw a banner indicating it was the Kölner Altstadtfest. We decided to wait to meet up with our husbands who were at Games Day. It was kind of amusing listening to Germans singing songs about America such Read more →

Introducing Tim’s Corner: Games Day (Cologne Part 6)

On the second day in Cologne while I was at the zoo with a friend, my husband Tim went to Games Day, the original purpose for our trip to Cologne, with another. Today he’ll tell you about his experience. I decided to give him his own category “Tim’s Corner” so whenever Read more →

Cologne Part 5: Sights on the Way to the Zoo & Some Animals at the Zoo

On the second day, I went with a friend to Germany’s third oldest zoo, Cologne Zoo, while Tim went with a friend to Games Day. We decided to walk there, so I will share some of the photos from the walk and then some photos from the zoo. I probably Read more →

Cologne Part 4: Altstadtfest, Hard Rock Cafe, & a Few Bars

After the Chocolate Museum we found a festival going on which I later found out is the Altstadtfest (Old Town Festival). It had a lot of booths of goods and some food. One of the booths was selling Lederhosen and Dirdnls. While I’d eventually like to get one of the Read more →

Cologne Part 3: The Chocolate Museum (Schokoladenmuseum)

Today I’m going to tell you about our trip to the Schokoladenmuseum (Chocolate Museum) which was right near the Art ‘otel Cologne where we were staying. In fact, here is our hotel from outside the museum. Inside the museum, there is a working chocolate factory. Here are a few pictures Read more →

Cologne Part 2: Random City Sights & the Kölner Dom (Cathedral)

Our hotel was on the river front, so when we first went out to explore, we walked along the river. I kind of liked this dragon sculpture although my picture of it didn’t come out that well. This is about where we turned to start walking through the city. We Read more →

Cologne Part 1: The Art ‘otel Cologne

You may recall when I wrote about how the Radisson in Charleston was not so rad in two parts (part 1 and  part 2). Well, apparently someone in their customer service saw the link to one of my posts on Twitter. She asked me to email her with my booking Read more →

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