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Tequila Cocina Mexicana in Mannheim

My husband had gone for lunch one time at Tequila Cocina Mexicana in Mannheim and said it was better than other places we’d had Mexican food (or rather German approximations of Mexican food) in Germany. It still wasn’t quite authentic, but was better. So, I figured we could go while Read more →

Having My First Flammkuchen (Flame Cake) in Mannheim

When we went up to Mannheim May 19th, we were just planning on stopping in the city so my husband could pick up something at a store. When we got there, we found a lot of roads blocked off due to a Catholic festival that was going on. There were Read more →

My Birthday Weekend Part 3: Our First Time in Mannheim (Part 2)

After walking away from the water tower, we wandered through a neighborhood and ended up at the Christuskirche Mannheim (Christ Church of Mannheim). While we did not go in, I took a few pictures of the exterior. We kept walking around and found the Rosengarten Mannheim, a convention and conference center. Read more →

My Birthday Weekend Part 3: Our First Time in Mannheim (Part 1)

Originally we were going to go to Speyer on January 14th, but my husband suggested Mannheim because we could park in the lot for the PX, walk to the train, and take a a quick S-bahn. On the way over to the PX, we heard on the radio that there Read more →

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