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Female Video Game Characters and Body Image

Did you know that today is National Video Games Day? I’m celebrating it in several ways. In person, I’m  playing Bioshock. I find it much more frustrating than Bioshock Infinite, which I played first, but yet manage to spend several hours on it each time I sit down to it. Read more →

Celebrating LGBT+ Love & Marriage Equality

You’d have to have been cut off from social media or somewhere without coverage of U.S. events not to know what happened a few days ago in America. But in case you have been: it is now legal in all 50 States for same sex couples to marry, and every Read more →

ALS Empathetic Experiences: a Supplement for or Alternative to the Ice Bucket Challenge

By now you have probably heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge in support of awareness for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), with many individuals requesting donations to the ALS Association. It seems to have started among pro athletes. If individuals declined a challenge, they were encouraged to donate $100 to the Read more →

Awareness Without Action Accomplishes Nothing

“You know, around here our ambition hurts more than it helps. Around here, our ambition throws a non-perishable item in the donation bin at Christmas and pats itself on the back because it thinks it’s done something f***ing decent.” ~~Matthew Good, 21st Century Living Around here, there is even less Read more →

Just Music???

Posting about “feel good” music yesterday reminded me of a post I made years ago on a blog that no longer exists, so I thought now might be a good time to add that opinion category I’ve been thinking of adding for a while and to kick it off with Read more →

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