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The things we had to do to move overseas

Funny You Should Ask: Questions Asked in Search Terms

I have written a couple of times (here and here) about the interesting search terms that have brought people to my blog. Sometimes people also get here by typing in questions. In case others were wondering the same things, I thought I would take some of those questions and provide Read more →

Passing Germany’s Vehicle Safety Inspection & Registering the Mazda 3

As I mentioned the other day, our car didn’t initially pass the safety inspection, which is required to be able to register the car in Germany. We were able to get it reinspected in Mannheim before we got the car registered. Among the requirements are that one must have a Read more →

Getting The Mazda 3 In Germany

My husband got an email December 8th that the car was available for pickup at the port. It said only my husband could get the vehicle unless he gave Power of Attorney to me. I thought this was a little silly considering the car is in my name. But at Read more →

Receiving Mail In Germany With an Army Post Office (APO) Box

I started planning how to get our mail with as little interruption as possible early in the moving process. Before my passport appointment I checked with the post office about holding our mail and was told I could hold it until we had the new address and then have it Read more →

Getting Our Household Goods

The delivery men finally showed up around three. Similar to when the household goods were loaded, there were three guys, one who seemed to be the leader and two others. The leader laid out the inventory list and asked me to check off the box numbers as they came in. Read more →

Waiting for Household Goods & the First Snow of the Season

Our household goods were scheduled to come on December 20th, just in time to be inundated with boxes for Christmas. That day, I’d woken up around 5 am, and snow was steadily falling. This was the first real snow of the season. (I don’t count the day before because it Read more →

Back to the the Adventures with Getting Our Unaccompanied Baggage

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started keeping this blog. I went so long that Laura even called me out on her blog. My apologies, readers. While there were a few other reasons in play like being busy and sometimes lazy, one of the Read more →

On Post Housing Inspection and Recieving Our Temporary Furniture

We left the hotel in morning and brought the dogs with us to the new place so we could wait for a guy to come for the move-in inspection and for movers to bring the temporary furniture. We waited for about an hour after the guy was supposed to come Read more →

Getting Permanent Housing in Patrick Henry Village

Many people had told us not to accept the first place we were offered if we didn’t like it. Some places here are shabby, or lack things like a washer and dryer. Some have a separate room with an American washer and dryer while others have the smaller, stackable German Read more →

Updating Our Military IDs, Applying for Housing, and Getting Ration Cards

After dropping off our dogs and luggage in our temporary housing, we had a few things to get done. We were in Patrick Henry Village, and found out everywhere we needed to go was closer to the other installation, Mark Twain Village. Fortunately, we had our sponsor to drive us. Read more →

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