Embracing Adventure “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” ~~Hellen Keller

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If you want to get in touch but don’t want to leave a comment, feel free to contact me via this form and I’ll reply as soon as possible. If you want to write a guest post for this blog or are an advertiser looking for options for sponsored content, please see the info below my contact form prior to submitting your request.


If You’re Requesting to Submit a Guest Post: I only accept guest posts from bloggers linking back to actual blogs (not a company website) and only accept content I feel might logically fit with one of the regular topics on this blog. If you have an idea for a guest post, shoot me a message and we can talk about it. Please note, I do not provide any compensation for guest posts. I’m particularly interested in posts from military spouses and expats living in Germany. I am also open to considering a guest post exchange wherein your post appears on my blog and my post appears on yours.

If You’re Requesting a Sponsored Post:
I will consider writing a sponsored post (in which you pay me to write content about your company or product and link to your company website) but the post must a) be written by me b) allowed to represent my own opinion regardless of compensation c) be for a company or product that I think might appeal to the audience of this blog and d) would be openly identified as sponsored content when it is posted. If you still think you’d like me to write a post for you knowing that, send me a message.

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