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On Moving

The Moving/PCS Process with Embracing Adventure [Links to main page from which you can reach all posts about Moving/PCSing]Before I got married, I had only moved out of state once: from Ohio to Florida. Since being married, I have moved four more times: to Georgia, to Heidelberg, Germany, to Kaiserslautern Germany, and to Texas. Although I did not write about my domestic moves, I have written about moving to Germany and within Germany and will soon write about moving back to the U.S.

If you’re interested in reading about PCSing or moving with the military in general go here.

For posts just on moving to Germany, specifically to Heidelberg, go here or find out what’s covered in the category on this page.

For posts just on moving within Germany (from Heidelberg to Kaiserslautern) go here or find out what’s covered in the category on this page.

Stay tuned for posts on moving from Germany back to the States.



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