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Moving to Germany

MovingIn August 2011, I found out we were moving to Germany, which we did in November 2011. Below you’ll find all the posts I wrote about the process of moving to Heidelberg, Germany. In June 2013, we moved from Heidelberg to Kaiserslautern. You can read about that moving process here.

Start Packing, We’re Moving to Germany This was my first blog post and is about how I found out we’re moving to Germany.

So Long, Savannah In this post I share a celebratory date night in Savannah shortly after we found out we were moving and our last night out in Savannah before heading to Charleston, where we stayed before catching our flight to Germany. You can read about my not-so-great experience with the Charleston Radisson here and here.

Pre Orders Preparations Find out about applying for a no-fee passport, antiterrorism awareness training,  and the Exceptional Family Member Program (EMFP) screening. I also answered questions about no-fee and tourist passports here

Puppy Preparations Part IPart II, and Part III are about getting our two dogs to Germany. You can also check out the condensed version I wrote for Germany Ja.

Moving My Mazda 3 to Germany Part I and Part II are about getting my car (POV) to Germany. I also wrote about picking it up here  and passing Germany’s vehicle inspection here. You can also read a condensed version of this info in this post and this post I wrote for Germany Ja. I also answered some questions on driving, international auto insurance, and car shipment here.

Packing, unaccompanied baggage and household goods are covered in this post on unaccompanied baggage, this post on the pre-move walkthrough for household goods and packing before the professionals arrived, this post on the professional packers, and this post on the movers. You can find out about getting our unaccompanied baggage herewaiting on the household goods and seeing the first snow of the year here, getting the household goods hereI also answered questions about unaccompanied baggage, household goods, and luggage here

Flight Arrangements, Airports, and Flying are covered in this post on getting the no fee passport and plane tickets, this post on getting to and through the Charleston International Airport, this poson the domestic flight from Charleston to Atlanta and the international flight from Atlanta to Frankfurt, and this post on the Frankfurt International Airport. You can also read about applying for the no fee passport in this post.

Updating Our Military IDs, Applying for Housing, and Getting Ration Cards These were all the things we did on our first day in Germany.

Housing in Germany is discussed in this post on getting to Heidelberg and getting temporary housing, this post on applying for housing and other things, this post on getting our permanent housing on post in Patrick Henry Village and this post on the housing inspection and getting temporary furniture. I also answered questions for Germany Ja about USAG Heidelberg in this post and on post housing in this post.

Receiving Mail In Germany With an Army Post Office (APO) Box In this post you can find out what an APO box is, how we got one, and some of the benefits and drawbacks. If you’re interested in which retailers I’ve found that will ship to APO, check this post


2 Thoughts on “Moving to Germany

  1. Moving to a new country is very stressful. I moved to a new apartment with two kids and it was a disaster. I can`t imagine what is to change the country. I suppose it takes a lot of organization and planning. Packing your whole life in boxes should be really stressful. Thank you for posting your article!

    • Sorry to hear your move was a disaster just moving apartments. Since we were moving with the military it actually took less organization and planning (at least on our part) than you might think, but it’s stressful regardless. We just came back to the States and had quite a bit of stuff broken, things I’d packed myself the movers had repacked in odd places, etc. You’re welcome.

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