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A Look Back at 2013

  It’s that time of year again when I look back at the goals I described earlier in the year and see how I fared. It’s a good thing that I decided on “generalized goals” rather than “resolutions” with the expectation that priorities can and do change because, yeah, although Read more →

Categories Created and Coming Soon II

Awhile ago I told you about some categories I had added and planned to add. Since I just moved my blog, I thought it would be a good time for another post on what categories (listed in the topics menu on the sidebar) are new, what you can find there, and what I Read more →

Goodbye Overseas Adventures; Hello Embracing Adventure & Thank You 100+ Followers.

Hello readers! You may or may not know that I used to blog at Overseas Adventures (amandapoverseas.wordpress.com). Today want to tell you a bit about what happened to that blog and why I’ve changed the name and moved over to my own site. When I had signed up at WordPress.com, Read more →

Round 2 of Funny You Should Reach Me…20 Interesting Search Phrases for My 200th Post

Around this time last year, I hit 100 posts and shared 10 of the most interesting search terms that have lead people to this blog. Well, today is my 200th post (hurray), so I thought I would do a reprise with 20 of the most interesting search terms since the Read more →

Overseas Adventures Has a Blog Button (& Here’s How I Made It)

For awhile I have admired people’s nifty blog buttons but never had one of my own. At one point, I poked around trying to figure it out and decided not to hassle with it. I figured I’d just make one if the occasion came up that I needed one, and Read more →

My 2nd Blogiversary & Top 10 Posts

Where has the time gone? It doesn’t seem like it’s already been a year since the last blogiversary, and it certainly doesn’t seem like it’s already been two years since my first post, which I made just about a month before we moved to Germany. Last year at this time, Read more →

Looking Ahead at 2013

Frohes neues Jahr! (Happy New Year!) Yesterday, I looked back at 2012 and how I fared on the goals I had made for the year (both those made toward the beginning of the year and those that came up as the year went on). Today I want to look ahead Read more →

Funny You Should Reach Me…10 Interesting Search Phrases for My 100th Post

Hello readers! I know it’s been quiet on this blog for longer than usual. After my last post, I had final exams and papers which required attention, and then I needed a little breather. I’m happy to announce that I emerged on the other side with a 4.0. Now, I Read more →

My Blogiversary: One Year of Overseas Adventures

I made my first post to Overseas Adventures on October 7th, 2011, about one month before we made our move. Originally I had planned to start the blog from the time we moved, but the moving process proved to be complicated enough that I decided to start early to give people Read more →

Categories Created and Coming Soon

Overseas Adventures originally just had categories for the Germany Moving Process followed by Learning German and Life in Germany with subcategories On the Army Post and Out in Heidelberg. In the last couple months, I’ve added a few more and plan on adding some new ones soon. So I figured now Read more →

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