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Receiving and Giving the Liebster Blog Award

Anicka from Anickaworld awarded me the Liebster Blog Award. Thanks, Anicka. I’m a little behind in accepting and posting, but better late than never right? Similar to the Versatile Blogger Award I previously received, it was difficult to find the origin of the Liebster Blog Award, but the general consensus Read more →

Receiving & Giving the Versatile Blogger Award

Michelle from Full of Her Travels nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks, Michelle! If you’re not familiar with the award, the rules are here. Part of accepting this award is to give the award to 15 excellent blogs I follow regularly or have recently discovered. I recently discovered Read more →

Theme Change to Chateau and New Pages

The Theme When I first started Overseas Adventures, I’d picked Black Letterhead for the theme. I figured I would probably change it at some point, but I was pretty fond of the black background with orange accents. I liked the font and overall feel, so it wasn’t a pressing issue. Read more →

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