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Goldener Hecht & the Neckar River Flood in Heidelberg

I’m back! Over the last few months, I’ve put in several hundred hours at my practicum site, completed (and passed) a comprehensive exam for my degree, and wrote a final professional paper for my degree, so you can see why it’s been a little quiet around here. I have several Read more →

Spain Trip Part 8: The Last Day in Lloret Part 2

After seeing what there was to see on and near Lloret Beach, we got slushies from a vendor and decided to walk up the hill on Sa Caleta Cove, where the house-castle, Castell d’en Plaja, is located. On the way, we passed a sign indicating the area is for the Read more →

Spain Trip Part 7: The Last Day in Lloret Part 1

The next day was our last day in Lloret de Mar. There was an option with the Spanish Escape 5 Days trip to go to Tordera street market for 15 euro, but we opted out of doing that in favor of sleeping in and staying in Lloret. Due to the Read more →

Schwetzingen Schloss und Schlossgarten (Schwetzingen Palace and Palace Garden)

When we went up to Ramstein and got lost, we got a GPS. My husband said it was the best thing that could happen for our tourism because part of why we had not ventured very far was that we didn’t yet have one and seemed to get lost whenever Read more →

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