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10 Tips from a Former Caregiver for Parents With Children in Daycare

During my year working in a child development center (daycare), I started compiling a list of tips for parents including, among other things, bringing weather appropriate clothing. I held off on posting it while I worked there since I wasn’t sure how it would go over. Well, today I was Read more →

My First Day at the Child Development Center

It’s been awhile since I told you about in-processing as a Child & Youth Program Assistant. As promised, it’s finally time to tell you about my first day at the Child Development Center (which go figure I’m posting a couple days after my employment officially ended since I have been in Read more →

In-Processing as a Child & Youth Program Assistant

At the end of the week after turning in my paperwork, I got an email indicating my in processing would be toward the end of the following week in the same office where I’d been dropping off the paperwork. I would need to bring my Social Security card (or most Read more →

Pre-Employment Paperwork & Requirements

Last time, I told you about accepting the job offer for Child and Youth Program Assistant. The day after, I had to go into CPAC (civilian personnel advisory center) which is the NAF HR department. Most of the paperwork I filled out for them was the same thing you’d fill Read more →

Getting the Job Offer for Child & Youth Program Assistant

Last month, I told you about interviewing for the position of Child Youth Program Assistant at the Child Development Center. Today I’ll tell you about getting offered the position. When I’d interviewed, the program director had said he’d make his decision by the following Wednesday. When that came and went, Read more →

Interviewing for Child & Youth Program Assistant (Child Development Center)

I said awhile ago it would probably be after I stopped working at the daycare that I would end up posting about it. And today was actually my last working day, although I have some leave after this. So I’ll finally tell you about interviewing for the position of Child Read more →

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