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Getting an International Driver’s License (Internationaler Führerschein) in Germany With a USAREUR License

Around the time we were getting everything ready to move to Kaiserslautern, I got an international driver’s license (Internationaler Führerschein) so I’d be able to drive outside of Germany. The USAREUR (US Army Europe) license I have only allows me to drive within Germany, although it was a requirement to Read more →

Funny You Should Ask: Questions Asked in Search Terms

I have written a couple of times (here and here) about the interesting search terms that have brought people to my blog. Sometimes people also get here by typing in questions. In case others were wondering the same things, I thought I would take some of those questions and provide Read more →

My First Time Driving on the Autobahn

After I got my USAREUR license, I decided to start off slow. The first time I drove was to the shoppette on post. Then, a couple days later, I drove to the PX which was close by but required driving off post. Originally I planned to drive on one of Read more →

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