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Some French Terms and Phrases

When we first went to France, I thought I didn’t know any French aside from oui (yes) and Parlez-vous anglais? (Do you speak English?), the latter of which my husband had taught me. As we went through Strasbourg, I realized I had heard a few other things before such as Read more →

Strasbourg, France Part 3

When looking for a place for dinner, we tried to pick somewhere that sounded good and affordable based on the menus posted outside the doors. Many places that we passed were a little expensive. We ended up at Zuem Stadtwappe at 9 Place Gutenberg. It was also on the pricier side, Read more →

Strasbourg, France Part 2

After making our way around the protestors, we wandered down a street that had a bit of a Chinatown feel. I liked the lanterns hung across the street. Eventually we found the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg. Although this is not the Notre Dame where The Hunchback of Notre Dame Read more →

Strasbourg, France Part 1

In the first week of February, we decided to go to Strasbourg, France, which was not only my first trip to France but my first time venturing outside of Germany since we had gotten here. The day before we planned to go, it rained all day and all night. No Read more →

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