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Procuring My Passport and Our Plane Tickets

My husband picked up my no-fee passport October 19th and told me that he didn’t think I would like the photo. While the lady who took my application had made sure the photo was good, he said they had smooshed it when they printed the passport, and it didn’t look Read more →

Our Stuff in Boxes

The day my husband told me we will be moving to Germany, he told me to start packing. While we didn’t pack quite that early, we did start later that month. My husband bought a few 20 gallon totes from Walmart, and we packed up some of the stuff from Read more →

Moving My Mazda 3 to Germany

My husband and I have two cars. Fortunately, we at least get to take one over to Germany with us. My Mazda 3 is newer and smaller than his Honda Accord, so in theory it will be more reliable and better suited to the streets in Germany, which tend to Read more →

Es Tut Mir Leid, Mein Deutsch Ist Nicht Sehr Gut (I’m Sorry, My German Is Not Very Good)

As I mentioned in my first post, I took four years of German in high school. Unfortunately, my first three years, Frau S. gave free time to play Euchre or engage in other activities more often than she administered assignments. What she did teach mostly focused on vocabulary lists rather Read more →

Pre-Orders Preparations

Two months ago today, I first found out about moving to Germany. At that time, my husband was only considered on assignment. To get his orders and make sure we could go together, there were several things that had to be done. While much of it was handled on my Read more →

“Start Packing…We’re Moving to Germany”

My husband likes to joke about things, sometimes sort of serious things. So, when he called me on August 9th, two months from the day we had gotten married, about a month after I had moved to Savannah, and told me to start packing because we had to go, I Read more →

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