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3 Simple Ways to Think More Positively

When things in life aren’t turning out how we expect or would hope, or perhaps we aren’t sure how something is going to turn out and are worried about possible negative outcomes, it can be easy to think negatively or assume the worst. Since today is Positive Thinking Day, I thought it would Read more →

Exploring Happiness: What is It? What Makes One Happy? & Happiness Quotes

This morning I was reading a post on M.C. Simon Writes in which M.C. Simon discusses happiness and provides 13 quotes to meditate on. While reading these quotes, I was reminded of some of my own favorite quotes about happiness as well as times I have thought about the idea Read more →

Things That Make Me Happy

It seems like just yesterday I was posting about the new year, and we’re already midway through January. A new semester starts for me today, so I’ll be back to trying to squeeze in blog posts between reading assignments and papers. Today I am participating in Toni’s The New Year Read more →

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